Bryce Atkas Helps Bring ACI Dynamix to the Fast Lane of Success

Ambition, determination, and faith are what Bryce Atkas had when he started his company, ACI Dynamix. Currently one of the premier auto customs shops on the East Coast, Bryce has built and developed his brand from the ground up and prepares to shift ACI Dynamix into high gear for the near future.

Operating a 10,000 square foot location in Connecticut, ACI Dynamix offers services such as detailing, vinyl covering, basic repairs, automotive performance, tuning,  customization, and almost anything else you would need for full, high-quality service on your car. A self-proclaimed, one-stop-shop, Bryce’s success in the automotive field stems from his extensive experience in the automotive industry, dealerships, and public and private sectors.

Operating one of the busiest auto shops on the east coast is no easy task, Bryce attributes his success to hustle and hard work, being able to thrive in organized chaos, and develop a strong team that he can put his faith in. Faith in his team and faith in God have both been strong forces behind ACI Dynamix’s success and Bryce pays particular attention to being thankful for that every day.

Recently expanding their services to work with clients more in the spotlight, ACI Dynamix has had the pleasure of working with high-level clients such as the New York Auto show, and providing a vinyl detail and windshield protection for Indy racer Santino Ferucci’s automobile, a project that took them over two years to complete. Bryce aims to further service high-level clients and bring his brand into a global spotlight.

The journey to success did not come without its trials and tribulations. Having dropped out of college two semesters to pursue his dream, Bryce puts his faith in God as a primary factor of his success. No matter what, he believed that if he worked hard and grinded towards his passion and goal, eventually he would find success. “Let your losses and wins define you, not just one or the other. Put God first and always remember where you came from” Bryce says.

In Bryce’s successes, he has begun to give back to his local communities. ACI Dynamix has teamed up with multiple charities, two of the biggest being The Hometown Foundation and Rally 2 Give. Through his faith and determination, Bryce has his sights set high for ACI Dynamix, as he pushes towards growing his company and brand into a globally recognized name.

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