Building Bodies and Bonds

It’s a long-held wisdom that doing things together and sharing interests helps bond couples better. Starting a business together is another way to strengthen the feeling of teamwork as a couple. It’s also known that working out with your partner increases mutual feelings of well-being and releases feel-good chemicals in the brain and body. 

Can you imagine what might happen if you combined all three? It sounds like a fantastic way to reach the next level with your spouse or partner, doesn’t it? 

That’s precisely the formula that has led to the unbreakable bond of Fabiola Barinas and Alan Rodriguez, also known as the Unstoppable FitCouple. More than just Instagram #goals, these two have shared how building a business together made them a stronger couple and more in tune with each other. 

Talented Twosome

Today, Barinas and Rodriguez run a successful fitness coaching business with over a million followers and are the parents of three wonderful children. 

But the climb to success was an uphill battle that they both say they could only get through together.

“For me, meeting Fabiola was love at first sight. And I know that we could have only achieved this success together. We’re both grateful for the opportunity to learn from each other and grow together daily,” said Rodriguez. 

Both were immigrants to the US, with Barinas from the Dominican Republic and Rodriguez from Cuba. Both were struggling to make their dreams come true. Barinas was finding modest success as an actress, with parts on soap operas, a few reality tv shows, and on Telemundo and Univision series. Rodriguez arrived stateside with hopes of playing professional baseball, but he was soon sidelined and began pursuing acting as well. The loving twosome met on the set of a commercial. 

After a few years, they transitioned out of Hollywood and into sales, realizing they were good at it and quickly reaching the top ranks of the company they both worked for. However, sales didn’t fulfill them on a deeper level, and they felt they had much more to share with the world. 

A Shared Passion 

One of the things that the couple had always enjoyed doing together was working out. Longtime fitness fans, they went to the gym together, ran as a pair, and played sports whenever they had the chance. 

Their friends always admired this about them, commenting on their fit physiques and happy smiles after sweating it out together. And it’s not just this couple; working out together and sharing the release of dopamine makes many couples feel more content with each other and more forgiving of minor mistakes or miscommunications.

The fit couple began their website and Instagram to share fitness tips and were quickly inundated with requests for personal training. They realized their true path was to help people start a healthy journey that would change their lives. 

Today, they have assisted thousands of fans and clients to become healthier and happier. And running a business together — celebrating each success and commiserating over each mistake as a couple — has made them a stronger couple as well. 

Giving to Others

Not only do Barinas and Rodriguez give freely to each other and their children, but they also give to their fans and clients.

“You can only grow and succeed by helping others grow. That’s how we all become winners,” explained Barinas.

Clients can expect daily motivation, love, and encouragement when signing on with them. On their online channels, a constant stream of positive energy and a ‘you can do it!’ attitude is what keeps their loyal fans liking and commenting on each post. 

People connect with these fitness influencers and their open hearts, and they enjoy getting a glimpse behind the curtain to see what these gym-goers’ lives and relationships are like when they put down the weights and step off the treadmill. 

It’s this sort of love: for each other, their kids, their clients, and fitness that makes us genuinely excited to see where Barinas and Rodriguez’s journey leads them next.  

About Unstoppable FitCouple

Fabiola Barinas and Alan Rodriguez, better known as the Unstoppable FitCouple, are health and mindset coaches helping others achieve their ideal lives. Fabiola and Alan have partnered with thousands of individuals to overhaul their health and general happiness. Having achieved the top sales ranks in their organization, Fabi and Alan continue to change lives daily. Find out more about the Unstoppable FitCouple at

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