Casey Pond Launches Hedge Fund with Flagship Capital

2020 was a frustrating and emotional time for the entire world. However, Casey Pond used the time to restructure his business and has launched Flagship Capital in a hedge fund entity in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

“The launching of Flagship Capital is anchored with our proprietary Ternary Strategy,” says Mr. Pond. “We are a young and growing fund, and I am very pleased with our strategic partnerships and with our planned growing investment menu rollout over the next couple of quarters.”

He states their proprietary fund is an algorithm-based, U.S. equity strategy, but his vision is to further diversify their investment menu.  “By the end of the third quarter, our expansion with both a FOREX and a crypto strategy will be completed. Additionally, we are forecasting that we will have a private equity and venture capital fund in the 4th quarter of this year as well.”

“Between the rollout of these new strategies and the aggressive hiring phase we are currently in, it’s a really exciting time at Flagship Capital as we look to scale,” Mr. Pond shares, but that doesn’t mean they don’t face their share of challenges.

“Between prioritizing our focus on the management of the portfolio in a volatile market and also strategically positioning our new funds for exposure to institutional allocations, we are confronted with challenges on a daily basis,”  Mr. Pond says, “but we control what we can control.

If we continue to put our clients in a position for the highest probability of success on a daily basis and provide concierge-level of service, everything else will fall into place.” 

Mr. Pond does not lack confidence in his vision for Flagship Capital. “With the base we currently have with our Ternary Strategy and the launching of FX, crypto and PE, Flagship Capital will be a $500 million fund in five years.”

Mr. Pond explains, “With the introduction of new ‘at home’ traders and investors through the last pandemic year and with the growth of tech companies, an already robust industry is seeing even more demand.

The industry is, of course, cyclical, so we are always adjusting to positive and negative economic conditions. Even so, it is an exciting time to be in the industry.”

Mr. Pond says the takeaway with Flagship Capital is a combination of their unique strategies and the current state of the markets.  “Right now, we all have been enjoying this long bull run, and we continue to set new market highs.

What we have been seeing lately, though, are major allocators looking to realize their gains while looking for alternative strategies that limit traditional market exposures. So, with our Ternary approach and soon with our FX and crypto rollouts, we are very well positioned as we enter the second half of 2021.”

Flagship is currently a private, closed-end fund, with limited subscriptions in each strategy. Mr. Pond concluded, “With the traction we are currently seeing, managing available subscriptions is another challenge as well. That, of course, is a good problem to have.”

A little about the Principal:

After playing division 1 basketball at Florida Gulf Coast University, Mr. Pond began his professional and financial services career at Edward Jones in Naples, Florida. He gained years of valuable experience by focusing on comprehensive financial planning for retirees.

He then transitioned to Merrill Lynch in Columbus, Ohio, where he focused more on active portfolio management. In 2012, Mr. Pond founded PMO Financial Group in Powell, Ohio, and served as its Principal and Chief Investment Officer. The all-inclusive financial services company focused on investment management while incorporating partners to service property and casualty insurance needs along with an accounting and personal tax branch.

Mr. Pond sold a majority of his practice with PMO in 2016 and has thus followed with the establishment of Flagship Capital, anchored by its proprietary Ternary Strategy, which has been deployed for investors since 2003.

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