Cash Still Conquers All

You might recognize Dom Woodson from his Instagram, featuring beautiful cars and cash, or perhaps you know his name from the world of dropshipping mentorship. But who is Dom Woodson, and what can his success playbook reveal for others? Dom Woodson grew up facing tragedy. In a family ravaged by Huntington’s Disease, he felt a sense of responsibility and ambition early on. This is what drew him towards business. Losing his mother and sister at a tragically young age, a pastor took Dom under his wing and changed his mindset. As Dom climbed the ladder of success, beginning with dropshipping and evolving into coaching and owning ATM businesses, he began to wonder if he could help others conquer their own problems.

        Conquer, Dom’s new, about-to-launch business focuses on doing just that. By transitioning away from sales and into coaching and mentorship, Dom is able to fulfill his thirst for helping others and instill his values in them. Dom’s suggestions for budding entrepreneurs are easy to apply in any field. First, he focuses on the grind. For some people, this term refers to an unenthusiastic obligation to a job that pays the bills, but for Dom, it involves using time with purpose, beginning with a schedule for the day. Setting actionable, manageable goals for the day, week, month, and year are also critical, along with ending the day with a reflection on what one is grateful for.

        Networking is another cornerstone of Dom’s approach to success. Every contact could be a possible life-changer, so one of his core values is to treat people with respect and positivity. Dom looks for people who are like-minded and that can “…improve me by my knowing them – and vice versa.” He suggests that people try to meet a new person each day.  

        As a personal brand, Dom seeks to promote an image that is positive and inspiring and has structured his aesthetic to match. Branding is best done when it is authentic, and more so, obviously, when it is a personal brand. To that end, he tries to post images that reflect him at his best, and that instills a call for action that aligns with the mentorship brand he is creating.

        As part of this trend, Dom has also tried to develop passive revenue streams. Recently, Dom has turned his eye back to the basics. “Cash is still king,” he says when asked about his investments in ATM machines. Moving from dropshipping to personal branding and mentoring is an intuitive progression, but funding it requires passive revenue or angel investors. Since most people do not have such investors, it takes ingenuity to find a revenue source.

        Having a cause is the final plank in Woodson’s strategy. Obviously, fighting Huntington’s Disease is very important to him, and this is evident in his values. “Don’t let your past determine your future. You’re your only competition!” he emphasizes. For this reason, he continually challenges himself and will continue to do so, whether it’s working hard at dropshipping, mentoring people, or finding new locations for ATM’s.

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