Catching Up With Inspiring Chef Ligia Lugo

Ligia Lugo

Culinary mastery is an art. Developing recipes brimming with flavor, packed with nutritional power, and glazed with inspiring artisan presentation, is no small feat. Nomadic, culinary chef and foodie-artisan, Ligia Lugo, has the finesse and passion to whip all these ingredients together. What’s more is she brings them to you in easy-to-follow recipes, which will find you astounding yourself in your kitchen.

Ligia is a self-taught chef. Rather than spending hours in a classroom, Ligia took to the cultures of the world, immersing herself in kitchens and cultures to learn everything she knows and brings to you. She infuses cultural delicacies with her passion for fresh and healthy produce and ingredients.

Lugo is committed to offering a strong contrast to fast food culture, while still creating flavors which keep you coming back for more. She is driven by the body and mind wellness that wholesome food offers. It’s no secret that fast food, for all its momentary spikes of pleasure, can lead to long term depression and degrading health. In contrast, nutritious meals sustain, empower, and energize you, leading to much greater enjoyment and a zest for life. The roadblock comes with the misconception that healthy food simply lacks the ‘yum-yum’ factor. Lugo defies this fallacy with healthy recipes, bursting with flavor.

‘’One of the biggest challenges when facing the fast food giants,’ she says ‘is that youth are attracted to pizzas and burgers as easy go-to fillers. I tackled this challenge by offering these popular meals, revamped with healthy ingredients and interesting flavors. That way, I capture the original allure of pizza and burgers but offer so much more genuine value. The combo should keep youth coming back for more of a good thing. The same is true for adults – if you’re up for one of those fast food meals, you can enjoy one of my healthy versions, with a good conscience.’’

Lugo is bold, experimental and has a magic touch. Her exciting recipes pioneered the website The Daring Kitchen which is all about adventure and boosting vitality with flavor. She pushes boundaries and bridges worlds inspiring everyday people to cook wholesome, exotic meals from the comforts of their homes.

The food industry is enormous, with countless chefs and recipe developers. What makes what you offer interesting? What makes you stand out?

“Growing up in a small town in Nicaragua, there wasn’t a huge variety of foods to try, and it was difficult to get any new ingredients to work with. I started with very little. Meals weren’t always guaranteed where I grew up. I enjoyed cooking but didn’t have the tools to expand,” Lugo explains. “Now, thousands of people read the recipes I develop and try them at home. It took hard work and consistency to get here but it was well worth it. It’s been a meaningful journey, and it’s heartwarming to know my experience bears fruit in so many kitchens around the world. It seems fitting, since the journey started in kitchens around the world too,” adds Lugo.

“By doing what I love, it just caught on.”

Ligia Lugo, with her husband Chris, are the co-creators of The Daring Kitchen. Their passion and drive are clear as they surge ahead on their path of creating recipes and connecting their international travel and culture experience with homes, internationally. They’re inspired to bring health and culture into cozy kitchens. Along with fabulous recipes, they bring you the latest tips, guides and reviews on quality kitchen gadgets and techniques that will empower you to be your own best Chef.

When Ligia is not travelling and forging new experiences, she enjoys cooking healthy dishes at home and sharing them with The Daring Kitchen community. She loves to use seasonal ingredients, local produce, and color to bring vibrance to her recipes. She happily cooks alone and with friends and believes in sprinkling the recipes she shares with good vibes and a pinch of love.

Tickle your tastebuds and inspire fresh cooking ideas by following Ligia Lugo on her IG ID ligialugoreal.

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