Celebrity PR Agent Jeetujayson Raju on How to Make 8 Figures With PR

Celebrity PR Agent Jeetujayson Raju On How To Make 8 Figures With PR

When a business is trying to cut costs, public relations is usually the first department to have its budgets slashed. Because you can’t accurately measure the ROI on it and what is not measured is usually neglected. Rookie mistake, says Jeetujayson Raju who has helped many celebrities like Hollywood Actor Chase Tang and Former Rugby player turned actor Keith Mason with their PR campaigns. But his work with entrepreneurs and businesses in running profitable PR campaigns has grabbed people’s attention more than his works with celebrities. So let’s get into how to monetize your PR right away.

Let the PR campaign revolve around a set of keywords always.

Your media exposure should always have a specific set of keywords that is relevant to your niche. In that way when someone googles those keywords out they would see your PR content. So you not only get the attention from the native subscribers of the media outlets but also the organic traffic from Google as well. For example, try googling “Celebrity PR agent” you will find multiple pieces of content about Jeetujayson Raju on the first page itself. This is by design and it has helped several celebrity clients from the US, Canada and UK to find and connect with Jeetujayson Raju. Unlike SEO where you have to write tons of blogs to rank anywhere near the first page, in PR with the right keywords, just one news article can put you on the map.

Email drip campaigns but instead of newsletters send them actual valuable news.

Again the emphasis here is on quality rather than quantity. A news article or an interview on TV or radio feels like a recommendation rather than a sales pitch. Don’t tell people how good your product is, let the press communicate that to your clients. Share the links to the news article, TV interviews and podcast shows. Let people form their own opinions based on the PR content that you show them via your email drip campaign. This works best if you have a lot of emails of potential clients. We will talk about how to get those emails in the first place using the media exposure that you have already got.

Get an influencer to share your press coverage.

Another way to monetize your PR is to get an influencer to share one of your news content. Shoutouts generally are not very interesting to watch for the audience. But an interesting news shoutout performs significantly better than regular ones. Pushing your PR content via influential figures not only makes your PR campaign stronger but also gives you more reach and better ROI.

Use your press coverage as ads.

Running ads to redirect the audience to the news site and then collecting their emails for email campaigns is a method that almost all businesses can apply. Hence this is the most versatile option to monetize your PR campaigns. Moreover, when people are redirected to the news websites via ads, it makes your posts rank higher with makes it more authoritative. And news that gets a lot of traffic often is recommended by the algorithm. This gives you more reach. So you can capture the early adopters of your product/service at the ads level, these are people who are ready to buy. Then the early majority should buy when they consume your news content. And finally, the late majority will make the purchase decision with the email campaign.

There are more ways to monetize your PR campaign but these are four of the basic ways in which you can do it. For more information follow celebrity PR agent and founder of Impact Media Jeetujayson Raju.

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