Chaiops: Start Entrepreneurship With the Finest Choice of Indian Teas

In India, chai is not just a cup of tea to being the day it’s more than that, one of the oldest drinks in India. India is a tea-drinking nation, most Indian have tea at least twice a day! From political conference to neighbourly gossip, everything happens over a cup of tea.

Chaiops is an emerging tea and beverage brand knocking hard in the food chain industry. It serves chai the way Indians like the most. Freshly Brewed, Handmade!

Chaiops source premium quality tea from estates of India to offer people the best ever brews. It brings traditional and specialty teas along with other beverage and food options. The brand aims to keep people connected with our traditional habit of drinking tea by serving in modern and quick service environments. The brand is renowned for product quality, innovative drinks and trendy settings.

Chaiops has shops and delivery service in different parts of the country, and now it is constantly working to take the exotic range of tea to every rural and urban area in India. As Chaiops continues to expand around the globe, they are looking for passionate entrepreneurs to join the Chaiops’ growing team. Chaiops invite to partner with enterprising motivated individuals and provide them with a golden chance to become an entrepreneur and grow with us.

Like the art of tea-making, the success of any franchise depends on franchise development. Well, the management team has come up with unique methods to ensure success. As per the different locations and their unique taste of tea, different forms of franchise business will be established.

  • Kiosk Café: Required Carpet Area: 100-200 Sq.Ft.
  • Compact Café: Required Carpet Area: 500-700 Sq. Ft
  • Standalone Café: Required Carpet Area: 800-1200 Sq.Ft.
  • Supper Lounge Café: Required Carpet Area: 1500-200 Sq.Ft.

There is a dedicated team working behind the franchise model to ensure a smooth process.  The franchise process of Chaiops consists of a series of events, establishment processes, and marketing operations on different levels. The franchise provides training and grand opening assistance for franchisees. The best part is that you do not need a culinary or tea background to get started.

Chaiops is open to expansion in new markets. Inquire for any specific information if you are interested in bringing this franchise to a new customer base.

Take your step towards a progressive journey; Chaiops is here to make your business a success!

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