Chidi Udengwu Jr Makes Remarkable Advancements In Basketball, An Outstanding Player From Nigeria

Teenagers these day do not fail to realise how important working hard is, because of the rising competition in every field of career, there has been a common awakening among the folks. This has led to a trend, a rising trend indeed, there everyone is making the best possible efforts in their own lives.

But, is this all? Does a person need to work just hard to become whatever they want in life? This is very far from the truth, since hard work is not the only thing that defines your success. Consider other factors like talent, determination and commitment. People lack commitment.

Of course it is difficult to be successful and to rise to a prestigious position, but facing failure once or twice should not be getting any particular individual diverted from their predefined paths. We learn such a lesson to the from this young and talented basketball players Chidi Udengwu Jr.

Chidi Udengwu Jr comes from Nigeria, specifically from the state of Enugu. He has been working from a very young age, pushing his limits so that he could make it to the NBA of G League one day. If he succeeds in doing so, he would become the very first player from his state to be coveted in the League.

From facing challenges to slowly overcoming them, Chidi Udengwu Jr has undergone a very strict and difficult training, improving his game skills and attitude towards basketball. Through hardships come success, this realisation did not dawn upon him until he started to apply this in his life.

His ultimate goal has been to become one of the best players in Nigeria, his journey might have been rather difficult but he is not one of those who would leave the career just because it offers challenges first. He was born with a lot of vigour, Chidi Udengwu Jr is surely not going to back down without making it to the top.

It is often said that you do not know the value of a thing until you lose it, Chidi Udengwu Jr had a similar experience in his school years when he did not make it to the high school varsity basketball team in his middle school.

As mentioned earlier, backing out was never in his blood, he decided to go to prep school and moved forward with sand Bernardino Valley college for two years, and then again attended Idaho State University for another set of years. These years were turning points for him because since then he has never been demotivated, and his journey to make it to the NBA or G League had been the top priority.

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Since Chidi Udengwu Jr has always been invested in the idea of public speaking, he started his very own podcast called ‘ChitChatWithChidi’. He still remembers giving the commencement speech in front of thousands of people in 2017, it only took him one of those speeches to realise that he really loves to talk.

Want to keep up with this wonderful basketball player? No worries, you can follow him on Instagram @chidi, support him and hype him up, he deserved every bit of it!


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