China Cleantech Podcast Merges East and West

China Cleantech Podcast, a media platform that highlights promising cleantech innovations and people emanating from the Chinese ecosystem through poignant storytelling. The platform sheds light on the inspiration, journey, and experience of China-based cleantech practitioners. 

Co-hosts Andrew (Shanghai) and Marilyn (Oakland) are East-West bridge builders when it comes to the innovations needed to solve climate change and transition to a green economy.

Marilyn says, “The Chinese narrative in Western media is usually negative and replete with misinformation due to the current US and China relationship. Reaching Paris climate goals will be impossible if the US and China, the two largest polluters in the world, aren’t taking significant steps towards decarbonization.” Andrew adds, “China is now the leading producer of solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles. The Chinese cleantech ecosystem is a market the world can’t afford to ignore.”

Episodes cover important topics such as how to solve the massive knowledge gap when it comes to the electricity system and enabling environment, the impact of low electricity prices in China, the current market for plant-based meat alternatives adapted to the Chinese palate, the most promising markets for solar lighting, the demand for carbon emissions measurement, and the significance of replacing kerosene lamps with zero emissions lighting sources.

Check out the series at @newenergynexus @WaiteMarilyn.

More about the Co-Hosts

Andrew Chang supports the global development of New Energy Nexus with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific region and China. Andrew has led the re-brand for New Energy Nexus, was the marketing lead for Free Electrons and the Program Director for The Battery Challenge by LG Chem. Prior to New Energy Nexus, Andrew was a Project Manager at Powerhouse, the world’s only incubator and accelerator dedicated to intelligent energy. Andrew has helped Powerhouse quickly become the nation’s leader in fostering solar innovation and entrepreneurship by hosting annual Solar Hackathons in Silicon Valley, launching Australia’s first Solar Hackathon, leading international competitions and designing the accelerator program for solar startups. Lastly, Andrew’s extensive marketing experiences comes from 3+ years at two internationally renowned advertising agencies; TBWA China and Y&R Shanghai. He managed accounts with Porsche, Pepsi, Bacardi and Adidas. His most notable achievement was managing and pitching Pantone ‘The Power of Color’ creative that won Bronze at Cannes in 2014.

Marilyn Waite leads the climate and clean energy finance portfolio at the Hewlett Foundation, covering the markets of China, Europe, and the United States. An avid writer and communicator, she is author of Sustainability at Work: careers that make a difference and The Innovators column on GreenBiz. Marilyn also serves on various clean energy and investment boards, including COI Energy and the Kachuwa Impact Fund. Marilyn previously led the energy practice at the venture capital firm Village Capital, modeled and forecasted energy solutions to climate change as a senior research fellow at Project Drawdown, and served in a number of roles in nuclear and renewable energy at Orano (formerly AREVA). She taught sustainable business at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing and worked in a number of capacities throughout China. She holds a Masters Degree with distinction in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, magna cum laude, from Princeton University. Marilyn is a citizen of France, Jamaica and the United States and is excited to elevate the voices of Chinese climate tech entrepreneurs throughout the English-speaking world.

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