Chris Adams: Where Luxury and Lifestyle Meet

Chris Adams, the hospitality expert and CEO of Ellis Adams is making moments happen through his lifestyle consulting firm to integrate storytelling experiences. With a career that started off working at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Adams realized there was something missing within the hotel experience. Believing he could make a bigger impact, Adams went all in and became the successful entrepreneur and consultant he is today. 

Doing everything from concept development to design to “activating the space”, Adams and his talented team have created an ongoing evolution in the hospitality industry.  The ability to maximize the potential of people, believing in people, inspiring them, and making them the best they could possibly be are top leadership qualities he possesses. This is reflected through him prioritizing his team before anything, something that he feels sets him apart from other brands. Above all, being his own boss has allowed him the freedom to go after what he believes is right. There is no limit on what creative freedom can’t reach, and nothing to stop him from going after something and doing what others won’t do. 

With his storytelling skills, Adams’s goal is to put the spotlight on the consumer in the hospitality industry and to create a memorable experience for them. According to his insight, the industry has realized through current events just how much control the consumer holds and how you should never lose sight of how hospitality is about the peopleAdams shares one of his most important lessons as an entrepreneur is how important it is to have a vision, but most importantly is to have a strategy tied with resilience. People tend to see themselves as highly successful. He emphasizes, “Make sure you are prepared for taking that path,” because not every day is a good day. The key is to stay the course. 

Although Adams believes that ”most people are chasing the lifestyle”, he wants to make sure to make it clear as a leader that it is more meaningful to leave an impact on people’s lives. Chasing dreams is great but you still need to find the fine line between what you’re passionate about, figuring out what you’re good at while making yourself happy. 

Chasing his dream is without a doubt not easy, but Adams admits that he has no regrets when it comes to his career. From his perspective, Adams believes that if he had the opportunity to go back and go through and learn from all the failures and mistakes he has made to get to where he is now, he would not change a thing. He often tells people, “Failing does not make you a failure.”

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