Cody Cuevas Closing in on Million Dollar Investment

Cody Cuevas is the YouTuber behind the family channel called Aye Squad. He created the channel a few years ago and has been growing his channel rapidly.

The YouTube dad is also a rapper and has had great success with his music and performed for big time artists such as Bryson Tiller, Fabolous and Ace Hood. His Spotify has thousands of monthly listeners and is showing great potential in becoming one of the top Spotify pages for YouTubers.

The Aye Squad channel has shown many similarities to The Ace Family which has given multiple private investors the idea of wanting to invest around 1-5 million USD. Although Cody isn’t able to speak details about the investment opportunity he has confirmed this himself online.

The biggest thing that separates this family from others is their genuine and goofy personalities. They can create great content by doing normal day to day activities by simply being themselves. On top of all that, they have the most adorable children ever, a girl named Camilla, and a boy named Cohen.

Cody’s fiancée Kathryn has supported Cody since he first started doing YouTube which was before they were even together. At first Cody’s channel was originally called Cody J Vlogs but after about a year of making videos they found out they were going to have their first child.

Cody realized that they would soon become a family and decided it was time to revamp the channel and change the name to Aye Squad. This name change wasn’t only for his family, but for his subscribers to feel like they were part of the family as well.

Music has always been Cody’s passion since he was a kid, and has proved his great capability of writing industry quality songs. He’s trying to juggle creating music and video content at the same time, which isn’t as easy as you may think.

The money from the investment he may allegedly be closing in on would be used for marketing the channel and his music, on top of hiring  the music industry’s top audio engineers and artists to help create music that will fit his audience. If you haven’t heard of him or his family channel Aye Squad I can guarantee you that you will soon.

If you want to follow him on any of his social media profiles I’ll leave a link for them below.

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