Command, Conquer, Earn: Warriors of Aradena

Imagine a world where medieval fantasy meets cutting-edge Web3 technology, where collectible cards come to life, and epic battles unfold in mesmerizing 3D. Warriors of Aradena is an exciting play-to-earn, turn-based action strategy game, created by Litoja Labs.

Aradena’s flagship release, Aradena: Battlegrounds is currently in its early beta phase, allowing players to embark on their fantasy adventure for free. Let’s explore what makes Warriors of Aradena so captivating.


The game’s battlefield features hexagonal maps reminiscent of renowned strategy games like Civilization. Your army comprises 3D figurine warriors, units, and collectibles. Engaging in battles is not only about victory but also reaping rewards that include Aradenean Gold tokens and valuable NFT collectibles. These rewards can be traded in the in-game marketplace. Flex your strategic muscles by customizing your army with the Barracks, which enables you to craft diverse and potent strategies.


Aradena ushers you into a dynamic metaverse where two primary game modes dominate. The first and foremost is the Player vs. Player (PvP) mode, presenting 1v1 matches with a clear objective: eliminate your opponent’s Commanding Warrior. As the game evolves, users can anticipate the introduction of new modes, such as 2v2 battles and the strategic favorite, “Capture the Flag.”


NFTS in Aradena

As the game continues to develop, you can procure your Commanding Warriors from third-party marketplaces. These assets are fully-fledged NFTs, offering players true ownership and the potential for valuable trading and investment opportunities.

NFTs in Aradena come in three categories: Warriors, Units, and Stratagems. The Commanding Warriors are the heart and soul of your army, with two Genesis collections, “Warriors of Aradena” and “Women of Aradena.”

Earning In Aradena

Aradena offers two primary battleground game modes, each ripe with potential rewards. In Constructed Monthly Ranked, you can constantly build and refine your deck while competing against other players to improve your strategies. Weekend Ranked, an equally exciting mode, opens on Fridays, allowing you to partake in 12 matches over the weekend and earn the coveted $AG token.

Get Into the Game

At the current stage of development, you can stake, complete quests, and enhance your Warrior NFTs. To embark on this Web3 adventure, you must obtain Genesis Male and Female Warriors, which are readily available on OpenSea.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an experienced gamer or new to the world of strategy games, Warriors of Aradena opens the door to a realm where every decision shapes your destiny. The incorporation of NFTs and Web3 technology not only adds a layer of ownership and rarity to in-game assets but also a potentially lucrative  play-to-earn model. In this dynamic landscape, each strategic move becomes an opportunity, and every NFT a potential treasure.

With things heating up in the world of Web3 gaming, we should be hearing a lot more about this game in the coming year!

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