Conor McGregor’s 3 Success Secrets

Athletes have always been an inspiration for me. From Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods to now Conor McGregor. There are many valuable lessons you can learn from a professional athlete.

I, in no way, care if you like or dislike Conor McGregor, but you have to give the guy props. He was not born into the perfect house for fighting. He learned how to fight in order to defend himself against bullies. He was a plumber on welfare, that just made 9 figures in a DAY, which is pretty impressive.

1. Becoming obsessed, being a good student, and working hard.

Fun fact: Conor thinks about fighting so much, that he even thinks about it while he sleeps and has been seen waking up and kicking the wall.

If you study some of the most successful people in the world, you will find that NOTHING is accomplished outside of obsession. Conor is a great example of this. As you can see from that fun fact, Conor trains day in and day out with an obsession to be the best in the world. Conor wakes up every morning already focused on reaching his goal. The thing that sets him apart from so many fighters is that he lives and breaths in his obsession to be the BEST. He is focused 24/7.

Conor is so obsessed with winning that he even won a fight after tearing his ACL in the fight (which was a 10-month recovery injury for most people.) Conor has compared himself to other fighters, saying that they get involved in extracurricular activities in order to unwind. But Conor doesn’t, instead of unwinding in a way unrelated to the fight business, he unwinds by counting his profits gained by fighting.   

When you have that kind of obsession and dedication you have two incredibly powerful tools that every successful person utilizes.

2. Be disciplined even during challenges.

Conor is just like you and me. He has faced struggles, he has been defeated, he went from welfare to a world champ.

Conor was not born with a gold spoon in his mouth, he had to fight for what he has, just like you and me. He was a plumber, collecting welfare checks, before his first big pro fight. He has been choked out on live TV.

He has surmounted every injury he’s received. He had to face the reality that our of the UFC he could not be financially stable, he had to acknowledge that friends who had come up in the fighting world with him would not be the ones to advance with him.  

We all have ups and downs, Conor is a prime example of that. Champions win some and learn some. He, like most of us, struggles with the thought of a diet. He has a sweet tooth but he has to use discipline to get through it. (I hear he prefers coffee cake if you ever want to give him a present.)

3. Create resilient self-belief.

Conor will take on any challenge, he always talks positive and uplifts himself, he is always visualizing himself winning.

Conor’s self-belief is what sets him apart from everyone else. As you can imagine, Conor has been asked countless times, “where does your self-belief come from?” Connor has said that his self-belief comes from his work ethic and his focus on his purpose. Conor starts his day believing in himself, in his method and process. He not only reads Jack Canfield’s law of attraction, he practices it.

Listen to the way he talks to himself. He alway talks in positive uplifting speech.

So many of us out in the world have talent and opportunity around us but WE keep ourselves from it because we think we are not worthy, or we hold ourselves back because when we need it the most we don’t believe in ourselves.  

This is one of his strongest attributes, his ability to believe he is the best in the world, even in the face of defeat. He is always a student, picking up and learning ways he can improve. Most people can fake being confident until Sh*t hits the fan. Conor rises up through adversity like a champion and that is why he is put in the right for 100m$.

One thing is for sure if you want to have success like Conor McGregor, you have to become 100% obsessed with what you are doing, take MASSIVE action, and have such a strong belief in yourself that it deflects other people’s beliefs about you. If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best and learn from the best. Remember success leaves clues, these clues can shave off 5, 10, even 20 years of your learning curve if you are open to seeing them.

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