Conservative Memes Lead to Surprise Political Career

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Grant Godwin didn’t expect to fully immerse himself into the world of politics, but a political meme page that he launched in high school rapidly amassed a huge following, and Godwin now has 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone.

His page, @the_typical_liberal, gives voice to his long-held right-wing beliefs, using snippets of information – styled after the success of USA Today’s short news briefs – and humor to connect with his audience. (One of them is Kelly Dodd, who formerly appeared on “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Dodd is married to Rick Leventhal, a former senior correspondent with Fox News.)

According to the website Politifix, Godwin has one of the largest conservative political meme Instagram pages on social media.

Career blends belief system with salary

Godwin is among those who believe that left-leaning liberals in the Democratic Party are leading the country in the wrong direction. He instead supports the conservative views held by the GOP, and shares information on those views through his website and its collection of memes.

His goal? “To save America from the radical agenda that is set on destroying it,” he says. “God, family, country … all three of those values go hand-in-hand.”

The Florida native who now lives in St. Petersburg is proud of the work he’s accomplished since his last year of high school in 2014, especially so as an influencer.

He told fellow conservative Dan Ball from Real America, that he launched the page “because I was tired of the divide between friends, the divide between family members. I just wanted to share my views.”

His proudest achievement, he said, was “being a major impact on first-time voters and informing America’s youth why America is so great instead of the consistent anti-American rhetoric they always hear.”

Mission unstoppable

A graduate of Pensacola Catholic High School, Godwin has always been an innovator, and a fearless one at that. He just casts his opinions out into the world, where they are discovered by others who share the same views.

He plans to spend the next few years, “continuing to fight for America, saving America’s youth from the radical agenda that is trying to take us down from the inside. [I will also] continue to expose leftist lies.”

For Godwin, it’s all about living a life that’s true to him and will allow him to feel proud of his achievements.

Life is a beautiful gift of God and we are all fortunate enough to have the gift of life,” Godwin said. “Life is what you make of it. Stand up for something. Fight for something. More importantly, fight for what is right. Don’t be on your death bed wishing you would’ve done something better with your life. Do it now.

Check him out on his Instagram page, @the_typical_liberal, right here.


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