Content Creator Shawn Discusses SavageShawntv

SavageShawn is a content creator and prankster that has gained popularity for his ability to pull off risky stunts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Shawn’s videos continue to go viral, with a following of over 5 million on his social platforms.

SavageShawntv is a YouTube channel.

Featuring new episodes every week, SavageShawntv thinks up new ways to prank strangers. The purpose of the show is to mess with people that are just going about their day. Imagine being hit with a water balloon while you’re just vibing and listening to music. You’re likely to turn around and smack someone. It’s a risky move, to say the least.

The idea is to reel people back in right before they smack you. Shawn and his crew have become experts at talking themselves out of potential physical confrontations. “We have definitely taken it to the edge a few times,” Shawn states. “We usually have a lot of apologizing to do.” He continues, “It’s important to be respectful, but people’s genuine reaction to the prank is what makes it worth watching.”

Shawn takes a lot of risks creating these videos. Some of these videos involve pranks such as eating people’s food, slapping people’s drinks, and pulling people’s chairs.

These are some of the more tame videos. Shawn goes as far as snatching girls’ wigs, stealing people’s cars, and even slashing people’s tires in some of the more dangerous videos.

Thankfully, there are some light-hearted videos such as pillow-fighting strangers in public, wherein Shawn says people underestimate his defensive skills.

Shawn is an entrepreneur at heart.

Shawn is 25 years old and currently resides in San Jose, California. His parents are both immigrants from Iran. After graduating high school, Shawn opted out of going to college to pursue entrepreneurship. Shawn was interested in marketing and sales, but after investing some time in the industry, he landed on social media and content creation.

He immediately fell in love with the idea of content creation and decided to pursue it full-time. After months of trial and error, he finally figured out how to gain more followers. He began to understand the science behind viral content and started improving the quality of his content.

Shawn is an entrepreneur at heart and loves the hustle of building something from nothing. Off-camera, he is a lowkey, down-to-earth guy that is grateful to have so many fans. He hopes to continue creating content and build a community with over 20 content creators and 30 million fans worldwide.

Shawn believes that social media platforms will continue to grow, resulting in more money for content creators. Advertisers already realize the power of social media, especially with influencers who have large fan bases. “A big part of making it in this industry is staying consistent and refining your content,” Shawn states. “Go big, or don’t even try.”

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