COVID-19 Precautions by Nikita Nayan

Nikita Nayan famous Makeup Artists from
gurgaon says “Quarantine has been over but in the midst of this pandemic and as the cases are increasing day by day, we want to make sure that all our client stay safe at all point of time. We are following the proper guidelines for our clients.”

Getting makeup done needs a lot of physical contact of the face. We know how cautious everyone is nowadays. Its our responsibility to make our clients feel comfortable and safe while getting their makeup done.

Safety Guidelines that we follow for our clients:

  1. We and our clients are required to wear a face mask, covering the mouth and nose, at
    all times during makeup.
  2. Sanitize of makeup products & brushes with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
  3. Brushes are cleaned before touching each client by cleanser and sprays.
  4. We use separate pouch for your clean brushes and another one for your dirty/used brushes.
  5. Hand wash and Sanitize them before each client.
  6. Sanitize station by wiping everything with 99% proof alcohol.
  7. Also Using clean table and chair.
  8. We are not using the same brushes/combs on your clients.
  9. Making sure to use multiple tools. and sanitize them after each client, by wiping them
    down with alcohol and drying them.
  10. Hands and nails clean when working with client’s.
  11. Lipstick/Gloss should be placed on a palette, using a spatula, and applied with a brush. If applied from the lipstick tube, you must sanitize it and remove the top layer of the lipstick.
  12. Sanitize your entire toolkit at the end of each appointment.

Our Clients are Precious to us. This small efforts is a step towords your safety. Nikita Nayan is one of the best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon and Delhi Ncr and giving service in Pan India with all possible safety and Precautions.

Her Article shows how clean and cautious they are to ensure that they are getting their makeup done in a sanitary environment. Follow her on instagram @nikitanayanmakup
Google Nikita Nayan for more articles and to reach out for makeup.

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