Creating the Inevitability of Success Mindset

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the success mindset. I’ve taken a look and deconstructed some of my biggest failures and greatest successes. I’ve interviewed, talked and listened to billionaire entrepreneurs and wildly successful business people. I’ve learned what has made and lost myself and others the most money and put together this post to show how you can recreate the mindset of success.

Success means different things to different people. The great news is that this works for all definitions of success that I have ever heard!

What is the success mindset?

The mindset is knowing that success in inevitable. It’s knowing that your business, product and you WILL be successful. You KNOW it will be successful because you created that mindset. What you think consistently is what you create. Therefore, if you constantly think that your company, business, and life WILL be successful, then it will – because nothing else is possible.

Can you recreate this mindset if it’s not there?

The short answer is yes; you can. The mind is made up of thoughts. You can have a thought that your business will be successful, or you can have a thought that it won’t be successful or anywhere in between. Therefore, the more focus you put on a particular thought, the greater your chances of that becoming the reality. As you go in the journey, you will hopefully start to evolve your definition of success to include you, in front of a particular business or product.

We are not our thoughts – don’t get attached to thoughts.

The one distinction that needs to be made is that we are not our thoughts, we are merely the observer in our mind. (Paraphrased from Eckart Tolle – A New Earth.)

A lot of people have a negative thought or a thought that doesn’t support what they feel they want. That doesn’t make it right or wrong, good or bad. It just makes it a thought. Don’t get distracted or obsessed with the actual thought.

In fact, you can have thoughts that are so extreme that they may scare you. But it doesn’t make you a bad person. It also doesn’t mean anything unless you let it mean something or give it power. It’s about having an awareness of those thoughts so that they do not affect you.

Avoid conditional statements at all costs.

One of the biggest “mistakes” I see when people are looking to create an inevitability of success is using conditional statements. For example, “If I could just get Brian’s help, I would be successful”. That’s a conditional statement that makes your sole success about being IF you can get my help. It implies that you will fail if you don’t get my help. I promise you that there are a lot of businesses that become successful without my help and that I’m not the only coach out there that can help you. In fact, you don’t always need a coach – you can do it yourself, too.

Instead of making conditional statements about if this or that happens, make conditional statements about WHEN this or that happens. Do You want to have a successful business? Then talk it as if it’s already happened or in the process of happening, rather than IF it happens.

It’s not about the details either. The details might change. It’s about creating the inevitability of success rather than some obscure conditional that may never come true and hold you back.

Finally, the inevitably of success requires that you are positive with yourself and your businesses. Chances are you are your biggest supporter. Therefore, support yourself! Believe in yourself. Be positive about everything that you want to happen. Avoid inadvertently stating or feeling negative things that are not helping you.

Action steps:

  • Avoid using conditional statements such as “IF I’m successful.”
  • Avoid talking negatively about yourself or your business.
  • Don’t get attached to thoughts – you are not your thoughts.
  • Believe in the inevitability of success – allow every part of you to follow that.
  • Start right now. Action is 100% required.

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