Crypto Crewz is Expanding What NFT’s Can Become

Having something that’s exclusive to you is one of the best feelings in the world. If you have something that only you have, something no one else can duplicate or claims their own, it gives you a sense of significance, purpose, or at the very least, happiness.

In a world is complicated and sad as ours, having something you can call your own is a special and unique thing. This is part of why NFT’s, or non-fungible tokens, have exploded in popularity: people long for the chance to be able to have video or images or other media that is exclusive to them, something that is uniquely their own.

One company is significantly re-creating and expanding how NFT’s are working, with tens of millions of dollars behind them in their mission to become the first high-end NFT provider.
Meet CryptoCrewz.

One of the company’s founders, Hiram Ng, explains,

“NFT’s and the upcoming Metaverse will be a major part of humanity going forward. We already spend a large amount of time on Zoom, as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gets better, the differences between the real world and the online world will continue to blur. NFT’s are the infrastructure for people to own and trade digital goods. As we spend more time in the metaverse, the ability to buy and sell goods that provide us with social net worth will become more and more important.

Our aim is to build our brand to be one of the largest brands in the digital realm.”

Crypto Crewz has built unique, state-of-the-art pieces for collection that represent just the tip of the iceberg for what NFT trading can be.

Just one example of the hip-hop themed digital art from Crypto Crewz

Hiram has been involved in management consulting, VC, tech startups, and property development for over 20 years. A consummate entrepreneur, Hiram has created and sold businesses up to $30m in value. CryptoCrewz is his latest venture in the NFT and Crypto space, with private equity backing of approximately $10m behind the brand.

“Our 10K NFT art set is basically a crowdsourcing platform to give our early adopters access to live events, promos, and backstage passes. The revenue from the art set will go towards growing our music NFT marketplace, where consumers can own and trade exclusive limited edition music, remixes, album art covers and other content from a stable of artists that release on our platform. We aim to be a site where super fans of particular artists can form a community and trade content amongst each other. Additionally, our brand is focused in streetwear and urban wear that resonates with social standing amongst celebrities and consumers can buy this branded apparel.”

“NFT’s and the Crypto-space and Web3 will be as important tomorrow as the internet is today. The metaverse will be a part of our daily life. We aim to be one of the largest brands in the metaverse, encompassing fashion, music and tech. Our goods will be sold and traded all across the metaverse,” Ng explains.

A key member of the team is Anise K, a record producer of over 20 years experience and extensive music industry contacts, whom recently collaborated with Snoop Dogg on a #1 hit song.

CryptoCrewz is negotiating with several high profile music artists to sign onto the label, to release exclusive NFT content on the platform. Fans have the ability to buy or trade these NFTs. By holding an NFT, fans can earn loyalty points proportional to the success of the music from royalties from Digital Streaming Providers, which can be used to buy into other content or merchandise.

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