Dallas Rapper “JBert” is the Rave of the Moment

Three albums may not look like much to anyone.  But to  Junior Kissi,  it’s enough to make him a  total buzz.  The rapper and producer,  who hails from  Lyon,  France,  moved to  Dallas,  Texas at an early age to continue his life.  There,  he discovered that he could help make a  difference to his entire community by using his music.

His first album,  Eighty Eight propelled him to stardom after reaching a  lot of views on social media.  Since then,  JBert has gone on to release a  couple more songs including his latest single;  What  Next?  And he’s not r After the release of Love  Her eady  to stop anytime soon! 

After the release of Love  Her eady to stop anytime soon! saw him become more recognized on  TikTok by many people,  JBert made a  giant move to help those in his community.  His style of music includes rap,  trap society at large.  According to h , and reggae beats that mostly focus on the im,  the world needs to hear from those with great talents from anywhere around the world. In his  words;

“My goal will be to make this a  big thing for everyone.  I’m  most  proud  of  this  company because  I’ve got  to  help  a  lot of  people  throughout  the  way.”

He believes that a  record label of his own would be the perfect way for him to help others make their voices heard. Hence,  the birth of his own recording studio.

Originally a  TikTok sensation,  JBert believes that music is much more than words and rhythm.  To him,  people need to be touched so they can feel the reality behind each word.  He also believes that his record label would help a lot of young stars with the platform to become stars of their own. 

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