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Dating Redefined: Meet Video First Dating with Snack App

The hottest dating app in town has arrived, taking ‘swiping right’ to a whole new level.

Dating during the pandemic has been nearly impossible. With that being said, dating apps have experienced exponential growth in downloads and a surge in overall usage. According to a Fortune article, “In March 2020, Tinder recorded its highest number of swipes on a single day: 3 billion. From March to May 2020, OkCupid saw a 700% increase in dates. And over on Bumble, video calls increased by 70%.” Along with dating apps, many people have downloaded and caught themselves scrolling for hours on the popular video sharing app Tik Tok.

Here’s a novel idea.  Why not combine video sharing with a dating app?  Brilliant, right? That’s exactly what Kimberly Kaplan did. Kaplan was previously Vice President of Revenue Optimization at Plenty of Fish prior to being bought out by The Match Group. She recently founded Snack which they describe as “the dating app that is dedicated to video first, where you get to show the real you, and find new connections for who they truly are for FREE.” 

Snack has leveraged influencer marketing on Tik Tok where they recently launched a Tik Tok Bachelor Campaign. The campaign consists of Zack Fairhurst, Sebastian Topete and Zack Lugo, where the social media stars are matching with their fans on Snack App. After the pandemic recedes, the lucky winners will be flown out to go on a date with the Tik Tok bachelors. 

Snack is striving to create a more authentic dating experience. Catfishes and fake profiles are undeniably less likely to occur with a video focused dating app. Kaplan told us, “Videos allow you to show more about you than photos can portray. Hearing someone speak or watching them play the guitar provides a much clearer picture of who someone is when compared to static images of dating apps today.”

Snack has also launched several other initiatives including a logo challenge in which they are giving away $10,000 to a graphic designer who is willing to help design their logo. The first place winner will receive $7,000 along with full credit for the design. The logo contest closed on the 28th of February but stay tuned to Snack’s social media for upcoming projects and opportunities to get involved!

If a Tik Tok, dating merger sounds like your forte, give Snack a shot!  They certainly are a company and a concept many will be keeping score of in the coming weeks & months. 

Lewis Schenk

Written by Lewis Schenk

Lewis Schenk is an Australian based Entrepreneur, Writer & PR Consultant. Lewis is passionate about sharing empowering stories from people around the world, particularly those in entrepreneurship & business. He has been privileged to work with over 650 business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them grow their brand and strengthen their online presence.

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