David Roberts Combines MMA and Racing

David Roberts is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and a professional car racer who has won various accolades in both sports. He is also known for his stunt driving, and he is the 2016 Radical Cup champion, the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge GT3 champion with Audi, and the 2019 24-Hour Series GT3 champion with Porsche. In his professional fighting career, David is currently enjoying an undefeated run of 4 in 4 wins and 3 in 3 wins in his MMA and boxing bouts, respectively.

His career in motor racing started with his love for karting. At the age of 16, David acquired a second-hand CRG kart worth $2,000 using his savings. He also acquired an old truck to transport his kart to his local track every Wednesday. Thanks to his passion and determination, David quickly became a karting ace. Soon afterwards, he started to compete in professional karting races that would later lead him into more advanced prototype and GT car races.

To maintain his racing skills, regular training sessions became essential. But unfortunately, practicing daily was not possible. No race tracks were available for daily training sessions, and his cars also demanded regular maintenance. All these factors combined limited him from being able to train daily.

Having grown up in a harsh environment where he was bullied for the better part of his life, David quickly discovered an interest in boxing. He became obsessed with maintaining his health and strength. Luckily for him, boxing rings were always open, allowing him to train daily. Unlike racing cars, boxing gloves are comparatively much more durable and able to withstand extended training periods. He was able to practice nearly every day, and soon became a full-fledged MMA fighter.

Mixed martial arts is a hybrid combat sport that infuses boxing, karate, wrestling, jujitsu, taekwondo, Thai boxing, and other disciplines. Though initially viewed as a brutal blood sport that lacked rules, MMA was gradually able to sway its critics and has become one of the world’s most popular sports, attracting participants from all corners of the globe. Fighters need to combine different tactics such as grappling, striking, and ground fighting to defeat their opponents. David has mastered these skills and is already enjoying unmatched success as a result.

MMA has particularly grown in popularity in the United States, giving the boxing industry a run for its money. The growth of MMA in the States has been helped by the establishment of Ultimate Fighting Champion company that organizes and promotes MMA fights..

Some of the notable trends in the sport include:

  • A huge number of diverse fighters from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and with background in many different disciplines of fighting
  • Fighters wearing branded apparel as a form of promotional content
  • Introduction of Friday Night Fights
  • MMA fighters appearing in other media such as films and reality TV shows

The MMA sport is gradually receiving global acceptance and attracting fighters from other disciplines and world regions, making it more diverse and more socially acceptable to enjoy.

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