Debbi James Shares Her Biggest Challenges in Building a Name for Herself as a Recording Artist

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Establishing a name in the music scene can be a challenging task for any artist. An artist’s name represents the brand that the industry will identify them with, and you need to get it right from the start. You can have the talent, but you will still need to work the extra mile to produce music that stands up to the hype. Though some are lucky to establish an overnight brand name, it is a challenge for the majority despite how good their music is.

The industry in itself has too many barriers to entry that artists have to battle. For an artist to work their way through, they must be really determined and motivated. Talent is essential, but it’s your innate drive and skill that will place you ahead of the competition.

Debbi James, an American Israeli singer and incredibly talented artist to grace the scene, shares the many barriers she faced while establishing her name in the music industry. Debbi is a singer, recording artist, and performer from one of the smallest countries in the world. She was born in an artistic family, her mother, Nava Halimi James, was an Israeli supermodel, and her dad, Steve James, was famously known for the American Ninja film franchise.

Debbi grew up with a passion and love for singing from a young age, informing his future career path. As a little girl, her mom would put on MTV every morning, and Debbi would dance and sing along to all the songs. She also attended various music schools, choirs, and ballroom, salsa, and belly dancing classes. Music was her driving force, and she could not resist it.

However, everything took a different turn when she lost her parents. It was a challenging and reflective experience for her and greatly affected and impacted her career decisions. It was then that she moved to the US in pursuit of greener pastures.

Life in the US was not easy for her, especially in the early days. Debbi found herself struggling with American English. She also had to work in a restaurant for months trying to get her life back on track.

She eventually turned back to music and started writing songs, giving her a purpose in life. Though a skilled songwriter, Debbi recalls the experience as draining and demanding, but she did not give up. To her, she had a family legacy to continue.

Debbi has since been working hard, learning and improving her craft every day. Her innate music writing skills have helped her make it to the mainstream, sharing the stage with Enrique Iglesias, Rick Ross, and others.  

A highly motivated singer, Debbi hopes to grow a powerful brand full of positivity and inspire millions across the world. She foresees an influential brand that will help and empower both men and women across every divide. Her wish is to leave a positive mark on the world by impacting the lives of people globally.

Debbi strongly believes in finding your purpose in life and chasing your dreams to make them a reality. To her, anything is possible with the right mindset, positivity, and consistency. The key is to create a routine that keeps you motivated and breathing, and by living it, your dreams will become a reality.

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