Debunking the Traditional Path of Motherhood: Entrepreneur Regina Johnson Is Breaking Stereotypes

Conventionally, women have been asked to choose between being career-oriented or good mothers; nothing in between. Women nowadays have been breaking these stereotypes, not following the traditional paths of motherhood that has already been built for them. Women, in general, are required to leave behind their careers once they step into motherhood. They are expected to give all their time and attention to their children, or they are labeled as ‘irresponsible’ or ‘bad mothers.’

Profound changes in gender roles have been observed in the modern world. Women have realized their ability to excel in any sphere of life, whether personal or professional. Multitasking is said to be an attribute specifically associated with women. These days, women have been taking both parts of their life side by side, giving their 100% to each sphere. Historically, numerous women have proved that they can take on any challenge and carry it out flawlessly.

Many women have adopted the right balance between personal and professional lives in order to maintain equilibrium. One of such enthusiasts breaking stereotypes is Regina Johnson, a naval officer, life coach, author, public speaker, self-publisher, owner and CEO of EOJ Publishing, and most importantly, an amazing wife and mother.

The Power of a Mother

Johnson was born in Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil. Her childhood wasn’t very easy. At the age of thirteen, Johnson’s father, Jose, passed away as a DUI accident victim. An 18-year-old man was driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, changing the lives of her family forever. Since Regina and her brothers were quite young at that time, all the house responsibilities came down to the shoulders of her mother, Maria. Living in a sexist and discriminating society in Brazil, their lives were no roses. Nevertheless, her mother dedicated her life to Johnson and her two brothers, giving them the best she could.

“She is a woman of faith, kindness, encouragement, optimism, and love. Through the hardest times, she didn’t give up — on those around her, or herself,” says Johnson about her mother.

As a result of living a challenging childhood, Johnson understands the importance of the right parenting and giving the children their fair share of importance. The love of a mother is unmatchable. There is a certain unspoken language between a mother and a child that no other person can understand. The birth of her daughter Orlanda Johnson had ignited a spark of writing and publishing books for Johnson. She would ask questions that required serious thinking and understanding, which led to Regina thinking, why not publish books for children and parents who have the same questions?

EOJ publishing is owned by Johnson. “Unique-Not Weird!” is a recently published book by her that revolves around race and ethnicity. Not just this, “Naval Warship Hidden Treasure” and “A City Without Walls” are two other masterpieces written by Johnson.

The Successful Journey of a Warrior

Observing her suffocating surroundings in the Brazilian community, Johnson realized no scope of growth for a curious and creative mind like hers. When she was 19 years old, she moved to the U.S., a place where she felt empowered and protected. “Here is a land where I hear women roar!” says Johnson.

Being a bright student in academics from the start, Johnson always wanted to continue her studies. After moving to the States, she got a Doctorate in Ministry from the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

After completing her Masters’ degree in Counseling Psychology & Addictions at Cambridge College, Johnson started her career as a Psychotherapist around the greater Boston area. She had always been passionate about giving back to the community. Thus, Johnson decided to join the U.S. military. 

Johnson’s determination and commitment to her career was the key to her fast success. Her first tour was in Hawaii, where she has served as the Command Chaplain at the Naval Health Clinic. Her second tour was then at II Medical Batallion in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Regina loved serving with the Marines, and she discovered her strength. Her great physical abilities, willingness to sacrifice, and character were enough for her to conquer the respect of the Marine community. 

Soon after, she was selected to serve in the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis (M.D.). After accomplishing her mission, Johnson received orders to USS COMSTOCK LSD-45, where she served as the Command Chaplain.  

Johnson loves people and cultures. And so, she is proficient in five different languages. Being a multi-talented individual, her counseling skills are quite noticeable. Johnson specializes in group therapy with clinical knowledge and wisdom and runs psycho-educational groups for clients struggling with substance abuse. She believes that the most meaningful education she has ever received was the opportunity to take four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). 

As of now, Johnson is part of the pastoral team at Balboa Naval Medical Center. Due to her hard work and extreme passion, Johnson has been unstoppable throughout her career journey.

Despite being an extremely successful professional woman, Johnson has given her 100% to her daughter. Together with her husband Eric Johnson, they are parenting Orlanda, five years old, to become a future leader in this country. Johnson considers motherhood the greatest privilege she ever received. She is an embodiment of an ideal example for women who leave behind their careers to become ‘better’ mothers. Johnson has shown to the world that just like men, women can also play several roles simultaneously while being the best at each of them. Why choose one when you can have both while being the best?

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