Decision-Making or Intuition? Learn How Savvy Entrepreneur Tito Tahan Applies Both

Decision-making or intuition? Learn how this savvy entrepreneur, Tito Tahan applies both

Depending on the decision maker’s level of expertise on the subject, they can choose both or either one. Individuals can often rely on patterns and intuition in their decision-making process. Intuitive decision-making can be extremely beneficial to an entrepreneur and differs from a rational process in multiple ways. Some people are very aware of their feelings or instincts and use them as guidelines for their specific decision-making process.

Tito Tahan is a multi-platinum record producer, world-class entrepreneur, and an intuitive decision-maker. This first-generation American loves to share his experiences to help others learn from his mistakes. Tito comes from the lower-class and the slums of Cleveland, Ohio. His early life experiences came with many failures, setbacks, and disappointments. Tito has had what some would call epiphanies or spiritual experiences which presented him with overwhelming feelings. These experiences helped him develop this intuitive decision-making process in his early teen years.

These types of feelings are instinctive, they usually rely on intuition and not solely based on facts. By definition, intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning. Tito uses this type of decision-making when facts aren’t available, when information is scarce or when decisions seem difficult by nature. Tito applies a 30% rule to most of his decisions. By breaking down his decision-making process into thirds he’s able to streamline his risks. Tito says he applies 30% to facts or information, 30% percent to experience, and 30% to intuition when making a decision. Many would argue intuition is based on experience, however, Tito disagrees and says intuition is based on connectivity. He goes on to say, if something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t or the individual is simply not connected to the source.

Intuitive decision-making combined with working smarter, working harder, and flexibility are key factors to Tito’s most successful decisions. Most people are programmed to adopt their own decision-making process and rarely stray away from that. Being flexible in your decision-making process can deliver results that one would otherwise not consider. In today’s canceled culture society, many choose to run away from their feelings. According to Tito, this is considered self-sabotage. Rather, one should embrace their feelings, feel them pass through, and release them. This can lead to becoming more intuitive with your own energy and the energy around you.

Along with other factors, Tito credits his intuitive decision-making to his success. Before making any decision we must feel the decision and the results first. He emphasizes that everyone has this ability and with an abundance mindset your decisions can dramatically change your life in an extremely positive way. This intuitive decision-maker and self-motivator say, – “decisions can create the life of our dreams or the life of our nightmares and that decision is yours to make.”

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