Dimple Mehta, A Successful Businesswoman Who Believes Every Day Brings Something New in the Fashion Industry

Some people have a great taste in fashion. Dimple Mehta is one such person whose understanding lf anything fashionable and stylish is beyond imagination. She has a penchant for intricate detailing. Her passion and love helped her start her business and she launched her fashion line called, DimpleAmrin with her partner Amrin.

It has been more than 24 years since Dimple Mehta ventured into the fashion industry. From a very young age, she understood the importance of trends and different people’s choices and preferences. As an owner of a fashion line, Dimple is aware that you can only sustain in the industry if you are good at observing what’s working and adapting to change. But along with the change, she also believes that keeping the traditional styling is equally important.

Her DimpleAmrin fashion line focuses on it quite well. They provide a great range of Western outfits that are loved not only in India but worldwide. Dimple Mehta’s bridal designs are so beautiful that anyone who wears them would wish to keep wearing them at different occasions. Her list of achievements is quite inspiring. She has groomed several top personalities, presented her work at different fashion shows, and designed for music videos and several commercials.

When Dimple Mehta was asked about her own taste in fashion, she described it as a ‘touch of elegance whether it be in casual or formal wear’. She also talked about the change in fashion and expectations of people post pandemic. Dimple says that people will look out for change post pandemic. Even her fashion line DimpleAmrin will adapt to various changes and bring in new ways of working for people. They will introduce customized service for their clients, where they will consult the clients digitally and include home-delivery. 

It might be more than 2 decades since Dimple Mehta made her love and passion for Fashion turn into a successful reality, but every day feels new for her. Every day, Dimple learns something new about designing, styling and appearances. She wishes to grow more and more and make DimpleAmrin a bigger brand then it is already.

Connect with Dimple Mehta on Instagram – @dimpleamrin

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