Do We Really Know Our Dogs?

Whether you have a purebred dog show champion or a rescue pup whose unique mix of breeds is unknown, it can be a mystery to guess why your dog looks and behaves the way they do. For example, does your dog swim like he’s best friends with an otter or does he recoil like a cat when he sees the bathtub?

Some quirks are pure personality, but the majority of your dog’s traits come down to factors related to what breed or breeds they are. (Except maybe their fascination with the scraps you drop on the kitchen floor.) Interest piqued? Here’s why we don’t really know our dogs.

More than Skin-Deep

We’ve all heard about services like 23andMe, which are helping people learn more about their family history. But did you know that DNA testing for animals is also on the rise?

For pet owners curious about the cocktail of genetics that makes up their beloved mixed-breed dog, the benefits may seem clear. But if your family golden retriever is a purebred, you may be wondering what the point of a pet DNA test is. After all, with knowledge of their breed, you can expect certain physical traits that will appear in your faithful companion. Right?

However, your dog’s appearance barely scratches the surface of insights available through DNA testing. A full genetic workup, like those available through Orivet’s Full Breed Profiles™, can not only tell you all about your dog’s physical attributes but also their lifestyle, habits, and predisposition for certain diseases — making this a valuable source of information for both purebred and mixed-breed dogs alike.

Does your dog enjoy walks or do you have to forcibly carry them to go outside and do their business? (Trust us, it happens.) Receiving their genetic profile can help you understand your dog’s behaviors and learn how to support them with the very best love and care. With DNA insights, you can cater to your pet’s individual needs, provide them with a happier, healthier life, and do more of what’s most important — enjoy quality time together.

Protect Your Pets from Genetic Diseases

Another benefit of DNA testing products like those from Orivetis the ability to learn what genetic diseases your pet may be predisposed to in the long run. Each breed type has a separate set of genetic risk factors, and, unfortunately, some of these diseases can be costly to treat or even fatal.

Finding out your dog’s risk factors can empower you to prepare a good defense on behalf of their health. Alter your pet’s lifestyle to reduce the likelihood of illness, or start saving an emergency fund in case of a surprise diagnosis. By understanding your dog’s genetic profile, you can take steps to keep your pet happy, healthy, and loving you for longer.

An Investment That Keeps Giving

We know that caring for the health of your pet can be costly, and at first glance, genetic testing may seem like just another expense. But in reality, DNA testing continues to deliver benefits for the lifetime of your pets, and may even help you and your dog avoid expensive procedures down the road. Most importantly, it can help you ensure that their time with your family is the happiest it could possibly be — whatever that may mean for your special pet.

This personalized love and care is what Orivet strives to achieve with each of their products and services. From the very inception of their company, they have believed that each pet is a true individual that deserves to be treated as such. That’s why Orivet’s products are designed with a pet’s health and happiness in mind. With Orivet, breeders and owners can spend less time guessing and more time focusing on the needs of their pets.


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