Don’t Drop “Deadrop”

With 2.5 million followers on Twitter, and over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, Dr. Disrespect is one of the world’s largest video game streamers and content creators. Back in December, 2021, he announced he had co-founded a game studio, Midnight Society. The studio’s first NFT mint is the “Midnight Society Founders Access Pass,” and with a current total volume of only 177 ETH, it’s possible this studio is a sleeping giant.

Deadrop Founders Access Pass VisorCortex Avatars
10,000 VisorCortexes serve as avatars for Founders Pass holders

Before being known as his online persona, Dr. Disrespect was better known as Guy Beahm. In 2012 he accepted a level design position at Sledgehammer Games, developers of several Call of Duty titles, and helped to develop several multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Beahm worked there until his retirement in 2015, when he decided to focus on his YouTube and Twitch personality.

Dr. Disrespect isn’t the only game studio veteran at Midnight Society; his co-founder is Robert Bowling, an ex-employee at Infinity Ward, another of Call of Duty’s development studios. 

Midnight Society’s first game is a blockchain-based game called “Deadrop.” Described as “a vertical extraction shooter,” the multiplayer game “combines arena shooter level design with the scale and scope of a Battle Royal and the strategic minute-by-minute gameplay of an extraction shooter.” Players can compete for the best drops (NFTs), or attempt to leave the battle and “extract with their life and gear.”

Deadrop will be free-to-play upon its launch, but investors can find incentives in purchasing and holding the studio’s Founders Access Pass. Holders receive early access to in-development builds of the game, voting rights to key design decisions of Midnight Society games, exclusive gear drops, exclusive avatars (10,000 cyberpunk-esque “VisorCortexes”), and more. As of now, the floor price of the collection has nearly doubled since the beginning of February, showing some investors must have bullish sentiment.

Though announced back in July, 2022, Deadrop recently became the subject of controversy in the gaming community after Dr. Disrespect tweeted that “people saying scam and ‘ugh’ are just brain dead headline followers” in regard to blockchain gaming. Incorporating blockchain technology into video games has been a heavily debated topic amongst gamers, with a significant portion believing NFTs and crypto to be comprised solely of scams.

Blockchain gaming has been estimated to be worth over $65 billion by 2027, but to reach those numbers the industry has to make its way to the general gaming populace. Though today it is still being met with resistance, maybe the “Two-Time” Streamer of the Year award winner will be the one to make gamers greet the technology with open arms. And loaded bullets.

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