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In a recent episode of How I Met Web3, our managing editor Sarah and Mark (mhl.eth) interviewed Dreamer of DeFi Kingdoms. With a background in risk management at Goldman Sachs, Dreamer transitioned to the crypto industry with ease. He saw communities breaking down borders and this intrigued him. At first, he was tasked with deciding how much risk his clients could handle with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but eventually the crypto world was so enticing he had to make the switch. 

While not one of the original founders, he joined DeFi Kingdoms as a Co-Founder and never looked back. In the early days they made their way through various challenges including a hack on Harmony chain, but continued to pivot and build and have built one of the strongest communities in crypto. After learning some lessons, they chose to build on Avalanche for a variety of reasons, one being their gaming friendly focus. The Avalanche gaming ecosystem has been booming lately, and DeFi Kingdoms is one of the first games to make that move. “They have focused heavily on technology for people that have sound subnets and infrastructure to launch games,” Dreamer said when talking about their Avalanche choice. They are also available on Klaytn to not spread themselves too thin, and to provide some more interesting aspects to the game like different Hero Classes and Realms depending on what chain you’re using to play. 

In order to create a fully-fledged web3 powered RPG, a safe market needs to exist which is why DeFi is so important, according to Dreamer. Blockchain takes the traditional MMORPG style games, and provides a healthy market for the interaction between players. “So we started with DeFi. So as the game features come in to play, rather than those gamers that come to play for fun paying the development company for access to the game, for the Heroes, for the resources, they’re paying other players, it’s a true decentralized approach,” said Dreamer. Heroes in the game are not minted from the company, they are minted by players. So new gamers join to play, and they are buying from those that have been playing to earn. 

Different realms within the game are associated with specific tokens, such as Jewel, Crystal, and Jade. These tokens have varying utility and use cases, including being used for gas fees, staking to earn fees from the game, and accessing premium features. Dreamer explains that having separate tokens for each realm helps create excitement among communities and allows for targeted marketing efforts. 

Their trading system is peer-to-peer, fully collateralized, and live in DFK. The Bazaar allows for trading even in low liquidity items. The Bazaar also inspired MythicSwap, designed to make DeFi accessible and more user friendly while also providing a rich experience for seasoned traders. It provides a trading platform for the gamers, but also a rich interface for an in-depth trading experience.  Dreamer also discussed the game aspect of DeFi Kingdoms, mentioning the launch of PvE Mad Boar Hunts and the positive response from influencers. With a commitment to building a quality product and gaining trust in a market dominated by meme coins and VC-funded projects, Dreamer attributes the recent success of DeFi Kingdoms to fundamental factors, technical analysis, partnerships for exposure, and continuous development progress. 

In gaming, if you don’t have an excellent gamer base, you don’t have a game economy. That is why DeFi Kingdoms has focused on gamers and making a fun game. “The long term game is self-sustaining,” said Dreamer. That’s why they have struck a balance between the DeFi aspects of the game, and the simple entertainment factor of playing. 

To learn more about DeFi Kingdoms follow them on x @DeFiKingdoms 

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