Eclipse Fi’s TGE Raise Rockets to $1.9 Million


The revolutionary hub for interchain token launches, Eclipse Fi, has cut through the holiday noise, shining brightly with a triumphant TGE raise backed by key players in Web3.

So, what’s the tale behind this pioneering venture?

Funding Round success

Eclipse Fi recently closed a highly successful funding round during its TGE on December 22, securing an impressive $1.9 million. The TGE, a sell-out within seconds, found support from leading Web3 venture capitalists, angel investors, and influencers such as Big Brain Holdings, Rarestone Capital, Momentum 6, Brian D. Evans, Kyros Ventures, and more (listed in the announcement below) who contributed significantly to this fundraising feat.

This achievement follows a year marked by substantial business development for Eclipse Fi, boasting over 35 secured partnerships, collaborations, and a thriving community with over 250,000 members.

The token launch, featuring listings on Astroport (the premier DEX on Cosmos), Neutron, Arbitrum on Camelot DEX, and, allows token holders to stake their $ECLIP tokens immediately post-launch, ensuring participation in upcoming token launches on the platform.

In light of this success, what features make Eclipse Fi noteworthy and appeal to the discerning eye of these savvy investors?

What Is Eclipse Fi?

Addressing cross-chain user experience and sustainability challenges, Eclipse Fi positions itself as a revolutionary hub for interchain token launches, emerging as a pioneering protocol that reshapes the token launch and community-centric distribution landscape.

As a modular launch platform, Eclipse Fi provides projects with a versatile toolkit for customizing their launch sequences. Beyond simple token sales, the platform focuses on establishing protocol value from the outset and attracting top-tier users.

Eclipse Fi’s distinctiveness lies in its innovative approach to solving cross-chain user experience and sustainability challenges. Leveraging features like Smart Accounts and a cross-chain architecture, the platform streamlines the user journey. Founder Simon Chadwick emphasizes Eclipse Fi’s commitment to community and sustainability, envisioning an experience as straightforward as ‘onboarding your grandma’—user-friendly and intuitive.

Mr. Chadwick commented in a press release: “We have spent nearly two years developing a token launch model that is sustainable and focuses first and foremost on community. Eclipse removes many of the hurdles seen in most launchpads, while providing the incentives across stakeholders to remain active participants in both our internal community and each respective project’s communities.”

Furthermore, the platform introduces ground-breaking features, including fully decentralized privacy-preserving zk-KYC (Zero Knowledge Know Your Customer). Coupled with a modular toolkit for customizable launches, on and off-chain reputation scoring, and a thorough due diligence process, Eclipse Fi positions itself as a comprehensive solution within the launchpad scene.

Final Thoughts

As Eclipse Fi marks its journey with this stellar TGE raise, the future beckons with promise. Future plans for a dedicated web2.5 accelerator and a frictionless user interface embody the likes of what’s to come

With each milestone, Eclipse Fi not only launches tokens but propels the entire industry into an era of innovation and accessibility. The stage is set, and the spotlight remains on Eclipse Fi as it continues to redefine the narrative of decentralized finance on Cosmos and Layer 2’s.

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