Edmund Coutan Shares Insights on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Solar Energy Sector

COVID-19 has shattered the global economy. One of the hardest-hit sectors was the energy industry. As people stayed home, gas prices and oil production plunged as supply far outweighed demand. However, due to a change in priorities and shrunk spending limits, the alternative energy sources market was also affected. In a recent conversation, entrepreneur Edmund Coutan shared the pandemic’s impact on solar power.

Touted as an excellent renewable energy source, solar power harnesses sunlight and turns it into electrical energy. Edmund, a “green entrepreneur” with Apricot Solar, chose a career in this future-proof industry. As per Edmund, solar power is a cost-effective and clean energy source that reduces the carbon footprint. As it is a clean energy source, solar energy does not use any fossil fuels; thus, it is as environmentally friendly as it is wallet-friendly.

Solar energy customers have little to no power bills, and it is not uncommon for power grids to owe the customers money. Yet even this growing industry was crippled by the rise of COVID-19 as the virus swept the globe in March of 2020. Apricot Solar, like many other energy companies, felt the financial impact of this terrible pandemic. Edmund shares that it was the company’s ingenuity that completely turned things around.

Realizing people were at home, Edmund and his team utilized their formidable sales skills to use this in Apricot’s favor. By July, the company had expanded to a global scale, and business was booming.

At a time when most had quit, Edmund and his team utilized Zoom to keep things moving.

Edmund also shares that though most of the solar energy companies take a more traditional marketing route to marketing, Apricot Solar understood the exponential rise in social media use early on. They focused on Facebook and YouTube ads to scale the company’s sales. Just months after joining the team, Edmund had shattered all existing Apricot sales records and made the company phenomenally successful.

Today, Apricot Solar is one of the few businesses in its industry to harness the marketing potential of social media. Driven by persistence and a strong work ethic, Edmund led his team into solar’s untapped area of digital marketing. Needless to say, it was an effective tactic. Plus, it keeps in line with the green message of solar energy as there is no paper involved hence less waste.

Edmund plans to continue to use digital advertising to advance Apricot’s growth. Based on its current rate of expansion, the goal of turning Apricot Solar into a billion-dollar company is within striking distance for this ambitious team.

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