Entrepreneur Aman Patel Creates Modern Solutions for the Hospitality Industry!

Young entrepreneur Aman Patel is extremely elated with the launch of his latest venture Dishision powered by OpenTable technology. It is a social dining experience app offering bouquet concierge services to top-class restaurants in the world. 

Aman Patel is a passionate business owner and believes in doing things that are impossible to even imagine. He has been trying various business ventures since he was a 17-year-old.

Starting from launching a clothing line to a dropbox style file-sharing website or even investing a lot of money into a business venture at a 17-year teen is truly incredible. He has an inspirational personality and loves doing what he’s passionate about. 

“Right now, I am enjoying my entrepreneurial journey, I am extremely happy with the way things have shaped up in recent times. I wish more growth and success for Dishision App. I want it to become the best app for socialites and party people.

I want it to become the number one app in the world when it comes to the social dining experience. Side-by-Side, I have lots of big projects also lined up in the pipeline. I wish to enter business verticals like investment and wealth management as well,” Aman Patel said.

Aman Patel wishes to connect with high network individuals and help them manage their investment in various stocks and portfolios for profits even if those stocks and portfolios are not popular and trending.

 Aman Patel’s journey hasn’t been easy. He tried his hand at various businesses; unfortunately, they didn’t yield good results.

 But his successful sale of a Swedish Dating Company App Fly Me Out Take Me Out from FINGTECH boosted his confidence and made him determined to do something big in the world of entrepreneurship.  

 Currently, he also owns a couple of tobacco factories in the UK and Germany. Also, he owns Divine Apps Company, through which he developed an app, BitNeuro for cryptocurrency trading before the same was acquired by a UK-based company based on a certain deal.

 “The world of business is ever dynamic and transformational. Every entrepreneur has to listen to things that haven’t been stated yet. You have to be a keen listener, reader, and thinker. I always believe in hard work, constant research, and a relentless passion for work ethics, which can eventually help you achieve success in life. Also, as an entrepreneur, you can’t play safe. You have to march on and take all the challenges head-on,” Aman Patel added.

Aman Patel believes when an aspiring entrepreneur tries out something new, a lot of hindrances will come. But they can’t run away from the same. When he created Dishision, he had a lot of apprehensions about whether the same would generate the right business or not. But Aman Patel’s service motive transcended everything else. He had a mission to help people find the perfect dining spot within minutes online using a single app instead of searching individual nearby restaurants.

He knows how people have to spend so much time searching for a perfect eatery near them. He thought of inventing an app, which takes away all the stress from customers.

 When you log on to the app, Dishision, you will get the list of several fine dine restaurants appearing on your screen. Swipe the right side of the app to book your confirmation at the best restaurants and food joints for dining out.

 You can learn more about Dishision on its official Instagram handle here. Also, you can check out Aman Patel’s latest announcement on Instagram here.

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