Entrepreneur Shubham Malvi aka Atharv Kumar is Known as The King Of Digital Marketing; Here’s Why!

Today, digital marketing is one of the growing career options. A lot of Entrepreneurs have started their own ventures where they provide online marketing, branding, social media marketing and SEO services to big companies, brands and celebrities. One such person who has successfully made a name for himself is Shubham Malvi aka Atharv Kumar.

Shubham Malvi always wanted to run his own venture. From his childhood days, he had decided that he will run his own business and not do the 9-5 job. When he decided to be a digital marketer, Shubham made sure he learns everything about the internet and how it helps brands and people in growing their reach and popularity online.

Today, Shubham Malvi aka Atharv Kumar is known as the King Of Digital Marketing. A lot of his clients never stop praising his smart and active mind that is well aware of every new trend. Shubham is an inspiration to many young people today who want to be an entrepreneur and work in digital marketing.

About working as a digital marketer, his Entrepreneurial Journey and success, Shubham Malvi aka Atharv Kumar says, “I love Internet. I have spent a lot of time online trying to understand how it works, how important SEO is and what can help a brand to push itself at the top. I honed my skills and finally got the confidence to start off as an independent digital marketer. My first few projects were of handling several social media pages for small brands, especially their Instagram pages. I helped their followers to increase in lakhs in a span of few months. It helped me with good word of mouth. Eventually, big clients started approaching me and my business is now a success. But I still have a long way to go. I want to expand my work Internationally too.”

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