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When it comes to entrepreneurs, a good one always has their hands in various projects. The goal is to be a jack of all trades but also be the master of all. It’s a tall order and one that few can truly accomplish. There are those select few, though, who are the exception to the rule, managing to juggle everything in a way that looks if not effortless, respectively doable. Shamus Goss manages to do just that – the epitome of good entrepreneurship in action.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Shamus Goss is an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit who has floated around the business ether for the last 25 years, dipping his toes into both familiar and unfamiliar waters, and still somehow always coming out to the better by the end. He’s crafted a niche within several respectable markets, including the music industry, the eCommerce industry, digital marketing, and even the nonprofit space.

However, where it started was in the former of these. Goss acquired his business talent and in the music industry, getting his start in it at the rather young age of 17. Over time, he worked his way up the ranks and acquired the knowledge and dedication necessary to turn creativity and passion into profits. This led to his managing an independent record company responsible for producing and distributing various records that charted on Billboard’s Top Ten.

While he excelled at his job, the glitz and glamour weren’t quite enough to satisfy Goss’ appetite for more, and he made a serious leap. Leaving practically everything except his business acumen behind, the entrepreneur relocated to Atlanta in 2002, finding new opportunities in the world of athletic apparel.

He soon dominated this market, too, building up an apparel company that generated over a million bucks worth of profit in just a year – and that was before ever even expanding into international and eCommerce waters.

The Path Forward

The combined experiences from his time in the music and eCommerce industries helped create an urge to do more than just make a profit but also to do something to repay the community for their unyielding support. Magneto Home Solutions rose out of this, a company formed by Goss to help people find the best value, whether they’re buying a home or are trying to sell their current one. Major Change Media also formed with the giving spirit in mind, but this time with the aim to aid businesses in their online presence and thus help them achieve their best.

Of course, in true entrepreneurial form and Ecom Titan Pro’s a consulting firm that manages fully automated E-commerce Stores for individuals looking for passive income. They have wound up equally profitable and fulfilling, securing regular 7-figure earnings. Shamus still wanted to give more, so he startedup a nonprofit called the H.E.L.P Foundation, dedicated to creating a strong community that gives back, raises each other up, and ensures that no one is ever truly alone. Food, clothing, and other supplies are donated to the local Atlanta homeless population, and support, whatever form that may take, is freely given in the hopes of making tomorrow a better day for us – all of us.

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