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In today’s world, students have an extremely tiresome schedule. They have to juggle their extracurricular activities, jobs, social life, and studies altogether. Due to this reason, they are sometimes unable to complete their school or university assignments on time.

This is where Writing Services play their roles and help students get done with their work. In the past few years, writing services have gained immense popularity, and thousands of students take advantage of these services.

Top 9 Best Essay Writing Services:

Essay writing services play a vital role in a student’s life. They help make the lives of students easy by completing their school or university assignments for them.

Read along to find some of the best essay writing services available and various other things related to the topic!


The first essay writing service that we will be telling you about is 99Papers. You will see this name in every list of the best writing services due to its excellent quality work. The platform takes orders for essays, research proposals, term papers, thesis, and book reports naming a few. Other than this, students can also get their PowerPoint presentations made through 99Papers.

The paper writing service offers minimal rates to students, due to which it has gained popularity. With 99Papers, students do not have to worry about deadlines since they can deliver your work to you in time as less as 3 hours! However, the shorter the deadline, the higher the payment.

To place an order, all you have to do is visit their website, choose the type of paper you want, and you will be given the total amount you have to pay. The best thing about this service is that it allows customers to talk to the writers directly. This way, students can explain everything to the writers in detail.

Also, do not worry about your work being plagiarized, as 99Papers has a stringent plagiarism policy. This ensures that all the work done by their experienced writers is plagiarism-free. They also provide a 24/7 customer support center. Thus, if the client faces any issue, they can contact customer support and get help!


The next writing service on our list is EssayPro. This is an incredible writing service that helps students with their essays, research papers, dissertations, admission essays, etc. This platform provides highly affordable rates for students.

They have a large team of expert writers. All these writers have knowledge of one field or another. The best thing about this particular writing service is that you can choose your writer on your own – you can make the decision by looking at their skill levels and rates and can select the most suitable writer for project.

You can also choose writers and tutors at this platform who will help you with your essays and assignments one on one.

To place your order, all you have to do is go to their website and get a quote for your work. Then you will enter your details and give the order. EssayPro is completely reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines. Some writers can even complete your assignments in as little as six hours!


PaperHelp is another excellent writing service about which we will be telling you. It is included in the list of some top writing services.

PaperHelp is known for having a user-friendly website. It allows students to navigate through the website and place their orders with ease. All you have to do is visit their website and follow a two-step procedure to place your order.

The rates offered by the platform are also very minimal, and to top it off, they keep on providing students with coupons! You can blindly trust PaperHelp with your work. They have a team of 2000 writers who are experts in 25 different types of papers. All their writers have to go through a three-step verification in order to work at PaperHelp – this ensures that these writers are well trained in their areas of expertise.

As they follow a strict plagiarism policy, the papers they deliver are 100% plagiarism-free. So, you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to PaperHelp.


EssayBox is another writing service on our list. This platform is highly punctual and professional. Whether you are a high school student or Ph.D. student, you can get your research papers, essays, term papers, case studies, etc., written by EssayBox.

While they do not have many writers on their team – all their writers are well trained and educated. They write excellent papers and make sure that these papers are plagiarism-free. To place an order, you will have to visit their website, which is extremely easy to navigate. You can always use their price calculator to determine the amount of money you will have to pay for your task.

If you are not satisfied with the work you have received and want to get some changes done – you can ask them to do so. EssayBox has a revision policy according to which, after receiving the paper, clients can ask for as many changes as they want for the next ten days.

The best part is that if a client does not receive the revised paper before their deadline, they can ask for a full refund!


As stated by various users, Grademiners is one of the best essay writing services available. The platform helps students with assignments, dissertations, essays, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, book reviews, etc.

They have an easy-to-use website, which provides you with different features such as price calculators and customer reviews. To place an order with Grademiners, all you have to do is visit their website and fill in the form for orders.

Grademiners aims to provide its clients with high-quality and plagiarism-free content. They give their clients the option to choose their writers – they have three different levels of writers including best available; these writers are expert in their field and are readily available when you place an order, top writers; they include the top 30 writers that the company has, and premium writers; included in this level are the top ten writers available.

Grademiners makes sure that your work is delivered to you on time. They have also provided you with a tracking feature using which you can keep a check on your project’s progress. They also allow you to make your project a high-priority project!

Grademiners gives you the option of getting your paper revised within the next 14 days of delivery, and if you are not satisfied with the work at all, you can always ask for a full refund.


1Essay can be qualified as one of the best writing services available for students. It delivers quality content to its clients at an affordable price. Their services include writing essays, term papers, research papers, case studies, etc.

To place an order, you just have to visit their website; select the type of work you want, your level of education, and the deadline. Once you have done this, you can use the inquire button to find out the price you will have to pay or just press order!

While 1Essay makes sure that you can directly communicate with your writers, they also make sure you remain anonymous in order to protect your identity.

Their team includes professional writers who are all masters and Ph.D. degree holders. They ensure to write the papers from scratch so that it is 100% plagiarism-free. Their writers are instructed to carry out proper research for the papers they write to include everything you require.

With 1Essay, you do not have to worry about deadlines – they can deliver your work in 10 days or just a few hours, depending on your feasibility. They have been a part of this industry for the past eight years. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your paper getting messed up with 1Essay.


EssayFactory is one of the leading essay writing services available in the UK. Their expert writers can write a thesis, essays, literature reviews, research papers, etc., for you. They provide their services to college students, undergrad students, master’s students, and Ph.D. students.

At the moment, they have 1,729 expert writers available. All these writers have complete knowledge of their field of expertise. They make sure to write all the essays from scratch after conducting thorough research. This ensures that the client gets a plagiarism-free and unique project.

They have delivered 28,356 orders up till now, and 98.5% of these articles were delivered exactly on time. EssayFactory’s main aim is to provide quality content on time to the client – so that the client does not have to face any issues.

EssayFactory allows you to communicate with your writer anonymously. This will enable you to explain everything related to the project to your writer in detail. However, if you are not satisfied with your work at the end of the day, you can always ask for a 100% refund!


EduBirdie is a popular essay writing service. EduBirdie provides its users with three essential services: writing an entirely new paper, proofreading and editing a client’s paper, or rewriting old essays. This tells us that EduBirdie is a one-stop shop for every student!

EduBirdie makes no mistakes while hiring writers. They make sure that writers being hired have complete knowledge of their subject and are exceptional writers. For this reason, writers have to go through four stages of verification testing. These stages include registration, a timed test, an essay writing test, and identity verification. If applicants pass the test, only then do they work for EduBirdie.

They also provide clients with reasonable prices. The pricing is based on the deadline, the number of pages, quality of writer, and type of service. Also, if you want to get some changes made to your work, you can get them done for free!


The last essay writing service on our list is PenCamp. This particular company ensures that you get well-written papers in a short span of time. Their main aim is to provide quality content to their clients, and they make sure to do the said thing.

They have well-trained and highly qualified writers who don’t only write normal papers well but can also write complex papers with efficiency. As they have a strict plagiarism policy, they run various plagiarism checks on the final content to make sure it is 100% unique.

While they provide quality content to their clients, PenCamp also ensures that the clients get the work on time. They have excellent punctuality that they follow. So, if you choose PenCamp, you will get quality work on time!

Why students hate writing papers?


Many students don’t feel confident enough to write proper term papers or essays. This is because of the lack of adequate assistance or guidance during high school. When students come into college and are asked to write significant lengthy research papers or term papers, they do not have the skills set that they require or are not confident enough to write their papers. It is expected that many students do not have adequate spelling skills and are not so good at grammar, because of which they become shy and feel they’ll cause an embarrassing situation. In these situations, they refrain from writing so they don’t look dumb in front of others, leading to a phobia for writing.

Lack of motivation:

In many situations, students question specific assignments or tasks which they feel are irrelevant to them. They think that this type of skill is not something that will come in handy for their future prospects, and that’s understandable. Even if that’s not the case, the given topics can sometimes be too dull or oppose their writing style. In order to be able to write essays or term papers, interest and motivation are an essential aspect of it because they’ll play a role in the quality of the final product.


Writing papers can get very challenging and confusing because, unlike other assignments, there is no correct answer or a formula to make sure you are on the right track. Many students are unfamiliar with the importance of using a format when writing papers which makes writing papers even more exhausting.

Other than that, revising can prove to be a real problem. It can be very excruciating to review a large document after restlessly writing it.

Are Essay Writing services legit?

If you are worried about your private information leaking, then rest assured. Legitimate essay writing platforms take clients confidentially very seriously, and therefore, the information you provide, such as name, phone number, email, etc., are safe. Many companies clear their client database in case of any possible leak. Although the ownership of the content is not an easy thing. Most companies do not give the content to the client, but they have every right to edit or use it in any way they please.

When it comes to quality essay writing, all essays are written from scratch and keep levels of plagiarism at zero. But it is possible to run into websites that do not control their quality at such a level, so be vigilant about them and choose carefully. If you decide to get your essays written by freelancers, there is always a possibility of blackmail or threat to leak personal information; the probability is minimal but exists nonetheless. So it’s always a better option to opt for credible paper writing companies as they have a privacy policy on which you can hold them accountable in case of any leak.

As far as choosing your preferred writer goes, companies do give you the freedom of choice in that regard. You can also negotiate the price, but it’s always cumbersome to go looking for a writer.

If you are worried about whether using an essay writing company counts as plagiarism, then the answer is no. The writer has willfully given you the ownership of the essay, and there is no policy that using essay writing companies is illegal. After paying, you have the right to use the paper in any way you want and will not be held accountable for any plagiarism because there isn’t any.

Is it safe to buy essays online?

When it comes to online essay writing companies, students are always worried about many things. This includes the quality of your paper. Because you have to pay upfront, it is natural to be hesitant and worry about what kind of services you will get in terms of quality. Website reviews help a lot, but they can also be subject to fake reviews.

The privacy issue is another thing because you have to pay using your credit card which means you will be giving your name and sensitive information to a website which can always be prone to security leak. However, that isn’t the case always; if you are using a legitimate company, they will be using proper malware and spyware protection to protect the client’s information and their own database. So you don’t have to worry about that much.

The reason behind that fear is many students are reluctant to use online services because they might be penalized for doing so. This comes under plagiarism, and as we all know it, our education system is not perfect. This can lead to many difficulties in a student’s academic journey. The way to avoid getting caught is to make sure the paper’s quality is absolute and original.

The best way to tackle all of this is pretty simple. You just need to find legitimate essay writing companies which take quality, originality, and client privacy in high regard. These are not big things to ask for when you are paying the price which they ask.

This market is such a competitive market with client satisfaction and assurance the main objective, it isn’t hard to find such companies.

Reddit, Yahoo and Google search

When it comes to choosing an essay writing service, it is not as difficult as it might seem. There are many legitimate companies out there that will provide you the services which you require. However, if you are still hesitant and need an opinion regarding which writing service might be the best for you, this can be easily solved. The biggest problem is that almost every company, even fake ones, will claim they are the right one for you as its part of their marketing strategy.

From Reddit:

To resolve this issue, you can always go to yahoo, Reddit and Google. On Reddit, you can find various threads about online essay writing services. Through these threads, you can note personal experiences from real people who might have opted for the company which you are taking into regard. You can read reviews and student experiences as well as recommendations.

If you come across threads from freelancers, it is not recommended to opt for them as there’s no assurance of privacy, quality, and originality assurance.

From Yahoo:

Since it’s an online forum, it would be best not to take it into regard. As many will give a fake opinion and randomly just give bogus answers to your questions. Besides, Yahoo Answers is an old platform that no one uses much nowadays, and getting proper legitimate opinions from there is not a good choice.

From Google

Google is probably the best option in these three. You can find numerous websites which can guide you in the right direction. You can find legitimate reviews, opinions, and recommendations. Since websites need to put original and usable content out there in order to survive the competitiveness on google, using google to get to the right destination is the best choice.

Pros and Cons of buying papers online

It is always possible to buy pre-written papers online, which can prove to be less hectic, but there’s a catch to it as well. Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying papers online.


Through this, you will have more time to spare for something else, which is as important as this. The price you will be paying will also ensure that the product you are getting meets all the criteria you demand.

Many online writers provide plagiarism-free work, which would make getting caught more unlikely. Using this method will also make sure that you meet all deadlines and don’t have to face any penalties. This is excellent if you are someone who has no interest in the subject because it has nothing to do with your future plans, but you want to meet the grades. Since professionals will be writing your papers, you will not have to worry about losing any marks.


When buying essay papers online, there are multiple factors you have to take into regard. Such as the reliability of the company offering such services. Suppose you go hunting for a company from which you can buy an essay paper. You will be asked to pay upfront, which can compromise your position as many companies in this age can fall prey to data leaks. You will be paying via credit card, which will automatically give your name and personal information to the website.

If you need a quality paper written with the guarantee of originality, you will have to pay a premium price for it. Plus, you cannot disregard the possibility of your instructor finding out as many other students will be doing the same, and if the writing style matches, they might know you got help from someone. You can also be a victim of fraudulent sites that will give you essays that will be of no use.

Paper writing bots, generators, tools and automatic grader

Are you interested in gaining information about paper writing generators, paper writing tools, and automatic paper grader? We will give you all the information just keep on reading this article!

Paper writing bots and paper writing generators are a blessing for children. With the help of these, you can get your whole paper written. All you need to do is search them up and then choose the writing bot or generator for yourself. Once you do that, you will have to add some information such as the word count, the topic, etc., and it will write your whole paper for you. However, you cannot blindly trust them as they may contain plagiarism in them.

Paper writing tools can be used by students once they complete writing their papers. These tools help them fix any grammatical errors they have made, spelling mistakes, etc. these tools can also be used to check plagiarism. If you see a high level of plagiarism, you can always fix it before submitting your work!

Teachers frequently use automatic paper graders. Checking papers and assignments in bulk can be tiresome. So teachers just use it as an easy way. Automatic paper graders mark the papers based on the grammar, tone, level of plagiarism, etc., and give accurate results for each student.

To wrap it up!

This article listed some of the best essay writing services for you and gave you additional information. We hope this will help you choose the perfect essay writing service for you!

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