FACEPAINT Inc Moves for a More Informed Public While Spreading Cancer Awareness Worldwide through Book Donations

Countless initiatives have been created in order to make a difference in this dog-eat-dog world. Some begin to catalyze change to spread awareness, while others become instruments of transformation to make the world a better place.

In the case of a power duo, Ken Yoffe, and Ellen Weisberg, the esteemed founders of a change-making organization, they decided to launch the 501(c)(3) FACEPAINT, Inc., to move for a more informed and well-educated public. As they continue to materialize their vision one groundbreaking initiative at a time, these two serve as inspiration for the next generation of changemakers in the coming years.

Ken is a pediatrician (Chelmsford, MA). He also holds a doctorate in genetics. Ellen is a cancer researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Principal Associate in Medicine at Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA), with a doctorate in pharmacology.

Ken and Ellen are part-time children’s book authors. Publications include short stories and poetry published in PKA’s Advocate (bimonthly literary publication), The Writing Disorder (quarterly online literary journal and print anthology book), Bewildering Stories, and Natural Solutions (holistic health magazine).

They have also published several children’s geography and anti-bullying books and readers (Waldorf Publishing, Galde Press) and two novels (Waldorf Publishing, Chipmunkapublishing).

There are two major areas of interest for FACEPAINT: 1) Providing social and cultural awareness through EDUCATIONAL materials and 2) Working to decrease the high mortality rate of CANCER due to late diagnosis. Specifically, FACEPAINT donates published children’s/YA books, making them available to schools, public libraries, Little Free Libraries, prison libraries, parent centers, and homeschooling parents.

Over the years, Weisberg and Yoffe have donated over 20,000 copies of their published children’s/YA books to these venues in the US and Canada. FACEPAINT also produces videos, films, and audiobooks for YouTube, and publishes and distributes articles (translated into multiple languages) geared toward raising cancer awareness.

To highlight the importance of early cancer screening and detection, FACEPAINT is using Weisberg’s cancer memoir, From Both Sides, originally published in the webzine Bewildering Stories. The memoir describes one person, two perspectives: that of the cancer researcher and that of the cancer patient. From Both Sides was among 50 titles listed out of 328 to be given a 2019 Mariner Award from the Bewildering Stories editorial team.

To raise social awareness. FACEPAINT is using Justin and the Werloobee, the 3D animated adaptation of their published children’s fantasy, Fruit of the Vine (Waldorf Publishing). To date, Justin and the Werloobee have been accepted for screening at 106 film festivals worldwide and has received awards from 42 festivals.

By continuing to defy the odds, FACEPAINT Inc is setting the bar high for many change-making institutions across the world. The two minds behind the wheel are motivated to try to spark more changes, transforming many lives worldwide.

To know more about FACEPAINT Inc, you may visit its website and YouTube channel


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