Faisal Al Anbar: A Personification of Hard Work and Confidence.

Faisal Al Anbar is an individual who personifies the words hardwork and confidence. He graduated with first class distinction in Law from queen Mary university. Parallely he was also training. Despite having had a knee injury he pushed himself too hard to make Olympic time. While giving up always seems an easy way out, Faisal chose the difficult path.

With things not exactly in his favour, he had very less time to train. Everyone kept telling him to prepare for next Olympics but however the strong headed Faisal doesn’t want to give up without a fight. He always welcomes criticism with open arms and never lets it affect him. He takes in constructive criticism and works harder with full determination. He never believed in taking ‘baby steps’ and started out running for 50kms just to stay fit. He is working on rehabilitation on his knee and is getting strong with the help of Dr Richard Blagrove who specializes in strength and condition for long endurance athletes. He made him believe that he has the potential to be an Olympic Level Long Distance Athlete. This gave him a boost he very much desired and is now working day and night. He is sure to come back strong and is determined to give in his fullest potential to prove himself.

Being a sportsmen takes just more than hard work. Faisal strongly believes in himself. He thinks he will make it to the Olympics despite his injury because he knows that once he thinks or wishes to do something he makes up his mind. Nothing is impossible becomes his success mantra in life. He is currently training and preparing in Saudi Arabia after he left London. He has recently signed a contract with one of the biggest clubs in Saudi al ittihad.

With his hardwork and self confidence he is sure to make it big. Hopes, dreams, and aspirations can come true if we are focused enough. His never giving up nature is his key to success and will take him places.

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