Faisal Sharaf Highlights the Rewards and Challenges of Building a Career in Digital Marketing

All careers have their ups and downs. Even the most fulfilling jobs have their challenges, including working in digital and social media marketing. Marketing consultant Faisal Sharaf believes that the positives of working in his sphere greatly outweigh the negatives.

Sharaf is the Regional Manager of Representatives at Kingston Business Academy, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Before he began his career, he earned his MBA in Marketing. He works as a marketing consultant and teaches courses in marketing and social media for the academy.

“Social media marketing has greatly helped me expand my business,” Sharaf said. “I think it’s an amazing tool to learn through digital marketing classes. The landscape is changing, and if you don’t know how to use social media, you’ll be left behind.” Sharaf really enjoys his career. “What you’re working on is always changing. You’re never standing still. I love helping businesses thrive and find new customers online. It’s a gratifying career. It also allows me to travel and meet people from different cultures.” When asked about the challenges of digital marketing, Sharaf said, “How fast-paced it is. It’s fun to learn new skills, but it can be hard for many people to keep up. You always have to be looking at the new trends and chasing what’s to come.”

Kingston Business Academy is a training academy for individuals, organizations, and entrepreneurs. They provide instruction in leadership and change management, career development, communications, interpersonal skills, and business English. They’re also a higher education institution and provide Diploma and Masters Programs. “I think any business can grow by scaling their digital marketing,” he said. “That’s how you find customers. I’m happy to teach these classes and help people learn how to find success online.” Getting an education about social media is particularly vital in Bahrain, where knowledge about digital marketing and social media is sparse. “I had a unique opportunity to become an influencer in my country and move us forward. I want to support Bahraini society with the attention I get on social media.”

Although digital and social media marketing can be challenging, Sharaf is helping it become more mainstream in Bahrain. Learning the practice can help bring attention to your business and increase sales, and what can be more important than that?

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