Faith and Staggering Profits—Can You Have Both?

Can you have God and big business?

This question has been bothering me for the past five years—ever since I became an entrepreneur. One night, as my wife I traveled back from a business meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, we had a conversation about whether God was in control, or, indeed, if you could believe in God and build a huge company. Well let’s take a journey down to Billion Dollar Business Builders ( it’s a Facebook group that was created by Travis Patterson and myself).

Here Are the Thoughts of Other Entrepreneurs

Now the question I asked was,  ‘Can you be a religious person and a business owner?’ I mean can you build a massive company?

“Why not? If we are called to be the lender and not the borrower, it would stand to reason that we should have the resources to lend. There are no hindrances to success in the gospel; however there may be more susceptibility to specific temptations such as lust or greed.” -Shonda M. Curb

“I know you can! Some of the most successful CEO’s are strong in their faith. They will tell you that their religious beliefs is a big factor in how they got to where they are today.” -Nancy Jane Spencer

“A company, I believe, is something which works by contribution of individuals who have passion for their work and your religious views are your own faiths ( You can be private about them ). So they won’t affect your company. And yes, you can use it as an excuse if you don’t succeed. I wasn’t religious;  I couldn’t make it big. Jesus punished Me????”  Abhi Sindu

“Religion is like political parties… in a company you may have personnel with many different beliefs about faith …in my personal case, I do believe in God and grew up as a catholic …but I’ve been searching my spirituality and found out that religion separates men. In a company I think there should be respect for beliefs. It’s something personal about individuals. Respect regarding this topic is very important, so what it should matter in a company is only what the company was made for. Making a living for personal and good environment. But A CEO from his heart could pray to God for his company and the good development of every single person in the company no matter what type of religion he or she believes.” -Dante Rodriguez

“Why not? We all have the same 24 hours. Some live from faith and create opportunities and inspire others. Some don’t. To those who say it’s not easy, my bike ride this morning wasn’t easy. Fun, but not easy. I got a flat and had to carry the bike with me for a mile. Was God with me? Yes,the whole time. It’s up to us to be aware. I know I need to listen to his guidance in life and business. I believe it’s really just making it a priority, then it trumps anything else.  -Brian Davis

I want to personally thank Billion Dollar Business Builders for the opportunity to challenge them in their growth and their success. Now that they established there views I want to here from you!


-Dante D. Gibson

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