Faraz Mansuri: Asia’s Youngest Digital Marketing Tycoon

Faraz Mansuri (born December 16,1996 ) is an exceptionally talented young Indian entrepreneur in Digital Marketing. He works as a social media expert. He works with celebrities and several firms. He’s achieved success through his hard work and dedication. He personally gets to know a lot of celebrities and aids them in the field of digital media marketing.

When asked about his experience while working as a social media expert, Mansuri said, “I have been working as a social media expert for a long time youngest digital entrepreneur in India. I have established myself as a social media expert this has also helped earn a notable name in the entertainment industry over the years.

“Each time I help a celebrity to get their profile verified, they support me by giving shout-outs among their followers. This helps me become recognizable among the celebrity fan base. Similarly, this also aids me in socializing among celebrities.”

At the age of 24, Mansuri provides several services. This includes website creation online press release, IMDB, Instagram management, Google knowledge graph, designing, and Wikipedia creation, This firm has given consultancy to many b-town celebs renowned individuals companies in the field of marketing. Mansuri states that in the digital world if a person wants to be successful he needs to work hard and needs to fulfill all the demands of his clients as the digital world is very competitive. Only if a person is able to deliver the

Mansuri‘s great determination and hard work helps him excel in the field of marketing. In a world revolving around competition, Mansuri feels that you should ensure that you are updated by each and every change taking place in the field of digital marketing on a daily basis so that you will not be kicked out of the competition. He follows what he preaches as well, at the very young age, having achieved so much, youngsters draw inspiration form his success story. With the level of effort and dedication he has, he is sure to reach greater heights and establish more in life

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