FastMoney RK Is Becoming Extremely Influential In British Columbia

FastMoney RK who’s real name is Raj Khella was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. He is a first generation Canadian and has been on the grind to make a name for himself. RK loved growing up in Surrey, BC, but according to the rapper there is not much of a music scene there which made his entry into pursing music difficult. Nevertheless, he persevered in his quest and eventually made his way to Toronto, Ontario, to visit friends in the industry in 2019, where he then discovered a true music scene and real hip-hop culture for the first time.


Entranced by the fast moving way of life in Toronto, RK came to understand what living in abundance is all about. Surrounded by beautiful women, wealthy peers, bottomless bottles at the clubs, and wild afterparties in stunning penthouses, RK decided to get serious about his music and that is when Fastmoney RK came into fruition. Without making a trip to Toronto, Canada, FastMoney RK may not of gotten the motivation and drive he need to pursue a music career full time.

Now having created a name for himself he is becoming one of the influential figures in B.C. With artist reaching out to him for advice and dreaming of collaborating with him on songs.FastMoney RK also mentions artist trying to imitate his style but he believes imitation is flattering so he pays little attention to this.

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