Five Gift Ideas for Your Crypto Loving Family Members

crypto gift ideas

For the Crypto Lover with a Sense of Humor

Your crypto loving family members may have been REKT this year. If this is their first bear, they’re likely down bad. Hopefully they’ve absorbed enough meme culture to keep their sense of humor. For a gift that’s likely to bring a few laughs for under $20 we recommended the FTX Risk Management Department T-Shirt available on Amazon. 

Spark the Buildoor Fire

Maybe your family member is a buildoor, or super excited about the tech behind crypto. If they don’t have it already, Mastering Ethereum: Building Smart Contracts and dApps is a highly recommended read and only $44 on Amazon. This comprehensive introduction to Ethereum is meant for programmers but can also be enjoyed by non-programmers. Rich diagrams and thorough explanations are included as well as important tips. With the perfect balance of technical and written explanations, this book could help your crypto lover make the move full-time to Web3. 

What Did You Say?

Whether they are grinding in a play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game or attending a project AMA in discord, a proper gaming headset is always appreciated. Headsets range in price and there is a huge selection available. Costs range from $25-$200. PC Gamer recently released an article that laid out the best gaming headsets of 2022 including some deals for Black Friday. 

Jpeg Fans

These diehard collectors need a place to show off their goods. An NFT digital display is the perfect solution. A Tokenframe™, while pricey, will be appreciated. Your NFT loving family members have been flipping all year and the ability to show off their NFTs won’t go unnoticed. Prices for the frames range from $300-$2000. Tokenframe™ owners can download an app then cast their NFTs to any Tokenframe™.  They can even control the art fill, fit, border color, and width. 

Not Your Keys Not Your Crypto

You may have heard your crypto loving family members chant this phrase with odd devotion. Fact is, keeping a seed phrase safe and secure is vital. A stamped metal plate is one of the safest ways to store the key to their coins. They are waterproof, fireproof, shockproof, and portable. The Impressed Titanium seed phrase storage kit has everything an investor will need to keep their seed phrase secure. It also comes with space for 24 words. 

Hard Wallet – Cold Storage?

A hard wallet is often top of the list of some investors. We don’t recommend buying one for someone as a gift. Crypto lovers can be a skeptical bunch. Some hard wallets have been compromised or come from bootlegged sellers. This is one of those gifts it is best to let them buy for themselves because it’s very likely they won’t use a hard wallet received as a gift. If a hard wallet is on their list, send them a visa gift card instead. 

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