From Music Industry to Business Owner: Sonny Martell has a Vision for his Endeavors

After graduating from Indiana State with a BS in Psychology and a minor in communications, Martell Ross, also known by his stage name, Sonny Martell, struggled to find employment. He made his way into the sales field, working at AT&T as a door-to-door salesman, selling credit card machines, cars, and insurance.

It was his experience in selling insurance that helped him become more successful. He witnessed several people become millionaires by the age of 30 in a fast pace environment.

In 2019, Martell released his debut album titled “Hero Road To Hero’s Camp” and began his career as a musician. He released another album in 2020 and just recently released a 2021 LP called “City Limits.” Even with albums coming back to back, it has been other areas that Martell has been focused on.

Martell recently decided to focus more on his own endeavors as an entrepreneur. He started “Elevated Avenue,” a company that handcrafts wooden products and often times sells only 1 of 1 pieces. The products are made by Tylor Rob; the two fostered a business relationship over the phone and have now chosen to become full-time partners. Elevated Avenue began by making 1 of 1 rolling trays but has since moved into making tables, chairs, and other custom pieces per their client’s request.

Sonny Martell has taken his vision to the next level with the creation of a clothing line, recently releasing a collection based around “Cannasoul,” a newly invented genre of music self-proclaimed by Martell and his partners. “A huge aspect of my business is our apparel, most notably our “Cannasoul Collection” which comes from a genre of music I’ve created (Cannasoul= cannabis-infused music),” said Martell.

“We’ve literally sold out of every piece we’ve released. The Cannasoul Collection pieces represent the brand due to the fact that the look of the shirt is wood stained just like our wooden products we specialize in.”

Martell looks to do something innovative in the cannabis industry, revolving his movement around a string of connected businesses. “I’m a visionary, and we aim to make a huge impact in Fashion and the wood crafting world as well,” explained Martell. “We also aim to tap into the Cannabis industry as the movement continues to grow. We wanna be on the forefront of providing luxury products in fashion, wood crafting, and music.”

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