Fuelling Ambition With Agnes Artych

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Agnes Artych is a Polish fashion model, dancer, and actress presently residing in New York, USA. Born on the January 11th 1988 as Agnieszka Aldona Artych in Siedlce, Poland. Artych is an accomplished model-actor and has studied at Stella Adler School of Acting in New York.

Bold and beautiful, Artych started her modeling career in 2010 by getting into the finals of a popular Polish reality show Super Models. Represented by STATE Management, she proved her mettle by working in various modeling campaigns both for editorial photo shoots and other conventional commercial shoots.

Some notable examples include L’Officiel Schweiz, Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, Dark Beauty Magazine, Garage Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Lucy’s Magazine, Archive Magazine, Washington Life Magazine for reputed brands such as Conair, KFC, Crown Royal, NBA, It Cosmetics, Bumble & Bumble and Pier 17. Since her debut as a model for countless runways and campaigns, Artych has blossomed into a seasoned and accomplished actress, traveling worldwide for multiple films.

Right from a young age, Agnes always prioritized her education credentials. It may have to do with how her mother is a retired teacher and principal at a school in Siedlce. Artych’s other three siblings are a chemist, a math teacher, and pursuing her med school degree.

Even after Artych being drawn towards the creative world of dance and art, her mother made it a point to pursue proper education. This only pushed Artych to pursue her studies at two universities simultaneously.

Artych today holds a B.A. In German Language and Literature from Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Poland, a second B.A. in Dance from Kielce University of Arts and Science, and a postgraduate degree in Culture and Media Studies from the Gdansk Atheneum.

While the second B.A. thesis is about the history and transformation of modern dance in Europe, the postgraduate degree came with accreditation in Dance and Acting at the Union of Artists of the Polish Stage. An accomplished multi-lingual, Artych excels at sports endeavors, including Badminton, swimming as well as tennis.

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After completing her studies, she moved to Gdańsk, Poland. Driven to make a difference in her professional career, Artych also served as a full-time dancer in Baltic Dance Theatre at the Baltic Opera. In 2010 Artych, together with Bartosz Kondracki, she won a grant from Gdanski Festiwal Tanca and produced a theatre performance Ad Infinitum.

She also worked in theatre productions such as Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, The Rite of Spring, La Traviata, Halka, etc. With many stints at dance festivals and workshops in Poland, she studied under the supervision of Elżbieta and Grzegorz Pańtak. She also took classes with Bill Goodson, Ira Nadia Kodiche, Thierry Verger, Alain Bernard, Zofia Rudnicka, etc.

Within two years, she was fortunately scouted on Facebook by a model agent post. Post this incident, she moved to Istanbul to pursue her calling – Modelling. With some wonderful campaigns for Fashion and Jewelry Industry and brands such as Perge Jewels and Burce Bekrek, she was crowned as the face of Polish Fashion Week, 2013. Winner of a Bell Cosmetic Beauty competition, she was a finalist at the Supermodels modeling reality television program. Also, she was featured on the cover of Hebe Magazine in 2014.

Artych today enjoys playing influential on-screen recurring roles for primetime T.V., commercial music videos, Theatre, films including Roommate, First Glance, Mere Dil, Mere Musaafir, Unfettered, Veral, Lipstick Traces, Halston, and The Swam Way, as both lead actress and a co-star. She garnered appreciation for her acting skills and captured the hearts of the international audience.

In addition to her impressive modeling career, dazzling with dozens of contracts with reputed global fashion and beauty brands, she is also associated with Marc Erwin Babej. By collaborating with this German-American photographer, the works that Artych has helped him co-produce are displayed in museums around the world.

Coupled with her acting classes at Stella Adler Studio and shuttling between Milan, Hamburg, Warsaw, New York for her modeling career, Artych surely knows how to indulge in ambition. In turn, she ends up continually empowering the self-made woman that she is!

With many other exciting projects in the line-up, Artych indeed leads her professional life with élan and purpose. She surely has made her own unique mark on the global front and is just raring to go!

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