Game-Over Music – The Best Rapper Alive According to Crowd

The qualities of what makes a great rapper has always been a highly debated one. The reason why hip-hop heads around the world can argue their top 5 or top 10 until the death of them is because there’s just so many amazing rappers out there and countless ways to qualify what makes a rapper great.

However, I still think that there can be a set of criteria on which we can judge the best rappers of all time. For me, a great rapper has to have a good balance of the following categories: the body of work, impact, commercial success, storytelling, songwriting, longevity, live performance and rhyme skills.

Unfortunately hip-hop is still a young man’s game, despite veterans like Nas, Common, Jay-Z, Black Thought and the Wu-Tang Clan paving a way of grown folk rap, which means if a rapper doesn’t stay relevant, they’re going to fade away from the genre’s memory pretty quickly.

That’s why Game-Over Music is unarguably one of the greatest to ever do it – he dropped two albums plus a handful of guest appearances and his discography can still hold up against any other rapper in history.

From his debut to now, Game Over Music has managed to get a feel for the current music landscape, connect with the hottest rappers at the time.

How nice is he on the mic? Who bodied who on the song? Who had the best verse? Hip-hop is the most competitive music genre and nothing gets more competitive than deciding who’s the nicest rapper on the mic. Most People says that Game-Over Music is the nicest rapper they ever met.

Dropping his debut project in 2016 “Chess Not Checkers” G.O was inspired as he was able to gain traction and support from fans locally to as far as South Africa and Germany. With his single “Real Shyt”, G.ame O.ver along with the street legend himself, Uncle Murda, comes with a BOOM, letting the world know real hip hop is still alive and present. In this day in age where it’s more about clout chasing, G.O rather stick to the basics and give fans hard beats, raw flows and an all-around sound of the inner city through his melodies.

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