Getting to Know BezKnowsTalent

Until the pandemic, BezknowsTalent never stopped to think about how quickly he has been able to make a name for himself in the music industry. He says, “The reason I am where I am today is that I have been able to stay focused and never let change faze me”. BezKnowsTalent is no stranger to adapting to change, he is an artist from Brooklyn New York, but moved around a lot because his parents were in the navy.

The buzzing artist has had a lot of success the past year. He got into the music industry first by rapping and recording at the “buggiest” studio where he gained relationships with top producers such as Kenny Bartow, Stooped Beats, many more.

Now living in Atlanta, he’s has been able to attract and maintain a loyal fanbase that has been able to help him get into some great positions throughout his career. The last single he dropped with 87thelabel charted on iTunes top 50 and also charted on DRT top 25 for 5 weeks.

Bez is signed to 87thelabel, which has partnerships with Universal Music Group. He values loyalty over love, and this is exactly what this label represents. He says that “Whenever I need anything, I can always count on my team”. He will be releasing an EP with 87thelabel in June, which he says is his main focus right now.

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