Google Opening Startup and Developer Center in the Heart of San Francisco

Google has just announced plans to open a 14,000 square foot building in San Francisco. The objective is to work with startups and developers. Google has not yet revealed any major details, but says the location will host events such as Tech Talks, Codelabs and Design Sprints. In addition, it will be a meeting space for the Google developer community.

One of its most critical elements is it will host the third class of Google’s Launchpad Accelerator. This side of the company gives startups resources and up to $50,000 in equity-free funding. Earlier classes came from India, Brazil and Mexico. According to Google’s blog post, they want to use the location to connect Silicon Valley with startups from emerging markets. Launchpad Accelerator was launched less than a year ago. Other details should be available in a few weeks.

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