Google Wallet to Enable Automatic Transfers

Google Wallet just announced automatic transfers, saving users both time and money. When Android Pay was first launched, many thought it would be the end of Google Wallet. Yet, Google insisted that it would continue to coexist. Google did not go back on its word, and now, Google Wallet is even better. Previously, users had to cash out their money from the application in order to use it anywhere else.

With automatic transfers, users no longer have to cash out–they can transfer their money instead. This essentially makes the process quicker and more efficient. The feature came with the app’s most recent update. Although, it will start its roll out next week. Google wrote on the app’s page, “Access your money faster! Money you receive will automatically transfer to your bank account or debit card.” Users can still opt out of automatic transfers. On the other hand, you can link a bank account or debit card to your Google Wallet app.

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