Grant Cardone Thinks Obsession is the Magic Ticket to Your Dreams

To move forward, as a youth, Grant Cardone made a huge step backwards. He hated sales, was addicted to drugs and had no direction in his life.

“You can call me an asshole if you want to, but I’ve been a broke asshole. I’ve been a just make enough asshole and I’ve been a rich asshole. If I’m going to be an asshole, I know which one I want to be”
-Grant Cardone

In an interview on the Create Your Own Life podcast with Jeremy Ryan Slate, Cardone reveals that at a young age, he made a decision to be rich. The constructs of society didn’t agree with his lofty decision, and so he channeled his obsession for success to all the wrong places; even leading to a stint in drug and alcohol rehab.

Grant eventually realized that society was telling him to slow down and be average. He then made a decision not to squash his own drive but to become obsessed with his mission.

Are Millennials lazy? Grant shockingly answers that question and also adds why he and Gary Vaynerchuk are very different on the current state of entrepreneurship.

In This Episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t change the rules of the game, but change the game.
  • Why are we holding kids back?
  • How everyone is actually a genius.
  • Why everyone needs to learn to sell.
  • Why millennials are really going to be successful.

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