The Greatest Tool Everyone Has at Their Disposal

I’ve been in the “personal development world” since 2009, and I’ve been hustling, evolving, expanding, contracting, shifting and doing what feels like every possible thing under the sun. I’ve had multiple domains, sites, offerings, coaches, mentors, healers – you name it, I’ve done it. I like to joke that I’ve died and been reborn more times than I can even count. I’ve seen my fair share of failures along with my fair share of success.

Now, several years into this journey of hustling, being an independent adult and somehow never giving up. I’m uncovering how I can use my sensitivity and empathic being as one of my greatest gifts. When we think sensitive we usually will think weak, doormat, emotional, taken advantage of. I know I’ve always seen it as a weakness. When you combine being sensitive with also being an empath – you just feel so much! You have so much love, compassion for the world yet you are also so easily impacted by the tiniest things. A simple message can send us into a tizzy of what was meant by every word, and same in conversation or body language.

Learn how to embrace who you are.

It’s been empowering for me to find out how to embrace these pieces of who I am and find out how I can truly see this as a gift and to be able to turn it around.

Just like connecting to our intuition, our internal wisdom – the feelings or hunch that we get around any myriad of things. From a friendship to a client, to a possible mentor or opportunity right down to ourselves doing certain things. Learning how to truly listen to these hunches is when things started to crack open and I began to truly make better choices and decisions. Because we all know the red flags, the gut feelings. They usually never lie and it is just like anything else in life. Intuition is a muscle that can be flexed and improved daily. 

I’ve spent most of my life attempting to always go with the flow, fit in, be liked, do what is expected from countless people and societal norms. The thing is though that it can be very draining and near impossible. Especially when at our core being we know that we are different. We must learn how to be ourselves fully and learn how to use our unique beings and our gifts in a way that feels like it is truly us and it is our soul that is shining out and through our physical being. With all of our encounters and relationships. We will never be liked or understood by everyone. Believing that is simply a fool’s errand. Sure, it’s nice to want to be liked by everyone. It’s a noble goal and one that I strongly feel in my heart but if you don’t wake up and realize that it just won’t ever happen you will be slowed down.

I believe that our intuition can be one of our greatest tools that we all are born with.

It’s up to us if we choose to make use of it and trust it. When we can learn to truly hear and live our lives from a place of our inner wisdom is when things start clicking.

Don’t ignore your gut.

I spent many years of my life receiving the intuitive hits, the slight nudges, whispers of my soul and my heart or the red flags in every possible situation – business, romance, friendships, etc. It’s not always a loud warning, a strong powerful punch in the pit of your stomach, sometimes it is just the slightest feeling that something isn’t off.

Throughout, my twenties I spent more times hearing or feeling that gut instinct but not listening. I would ignore them and time after time things would unravel where yes 95% of the time my initial intuitive hunch was spot on. However, I do not regret any of those scenarios because it has brought me here and every pivot, failure, success brought lessons and more awareness.

Now I know to never doubt my intuition because mine has taught me that it is very accurate. We have to learn how we can learn to listen and trust our own individual intuition. Just like as I am now learning in this present moment how to truly utilize my sensitivities and empathy as gifts and not as something that is weaknesses.

Intuition is super important for making decisions.

It comes down to how you feel.  As crazy as it sounds the vibes matter most. Not the surface, the numbers, who said what bout you, your publicity, who you hang with, how much money you’ve got, how successful you are or you aren’t. Doesn’t hold a candle to feeling good in the energy.

Choose based on how you feel. I’ve learned that it is better to make quick decisions and trust the energy and the gut as it feels and shows itself to you. Sure it could bite me in the ass later, but I’ve learned that my initial reaction and gut feeling is spot on.

Do you listen, trust and utilize your intuition? I’d love to hear from your personal experience in the comments below.

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