Harbor Classic: the Future of Furniture Buying

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The best things in life are simple, so why is buying furniture so complex?

Harbor Classic decided it was past time to simplify the outdoor furniture buying process.

Weve all been there: you decide today is the time to purchase outdoor furniture so you do your research and decide that purchasing online seems like the best option. You find a website, add items to cart, then go to check out only to be hit with a total two to three times what you thought it would be. What just happened?

You probably selected the outdoor sofa you wanted at one price only to be hit with an equally priced cushion order for that outdoor sofa as well as exorbitant shipping and upgrade” charges.

Harbor Classic was born out of the idea that outdoor furniture buying should be a seamless process: ONE price includes everything you need (the highest quality frames made out of the longest lasting materials, cushions made from industry-leading Sunbrella ® fabric, award-winning customer service to answer all your questions, an accredited designer available 24/7 to help with your furniture selection, and a guarantee that your purchase leaves the company’s warehouse the next business day).

So how is Harbor Classic able to offer something that the other guys cant? They cut out the middle man.

By removing bloated, excess expenses like physical showrooms, pushy salesmen that thrive on commission, and third-party sellers that want their markup, Harbor Classic is able to offer the highest-quality outdoor furniture on the market at one low, all-inclusive price, passing the savings onto the consumer.

We control every aspect of the process. By designing and manufacturing our own products, we can attest to each and every pieces quality. We utilize only the best materials, specifically suited to outdoor use that will last a lifetime,” said Harbor Classics Chief Executive Officer.

Check out Harbor Classic, ( HarborClassic.com ) today to see what seamless outdoor furniture buying is all about..

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